Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forced Feminization II

A yummy, cummy collection for your stroking pleasure-

Forced Feminization

When I started looking at Tranny Porn one of the first magazines I came across was Forced Womanhood. Face it, who among the group here that dresses for pleasure has not spent serious time, effort and money putting together makeup, wig, shoes, and various collections of fetish clothing hoping upon hope that we too could become the slutty shemales in the illustrations below. Trust me when I say that if i could be them, I would be them. Tell me your stories girls.
Oh, and by the way since I know how you all think, Happy wanking faggots!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sissy on Sissy

Of all the tranny porn out there there is a sub-genre that has fascinated me to no end. That is the Sissy on Sissy porn. Isn't it faggy enough that you girls want to dress like a slutty cock draining whore and service a "real man"?
No!, there is an entire category of you dick drainers who yearn to be feminized. I am talking about the kind of feminization that takes a good afternoon with shaving, make-up, clothes, jewelry, a trip to the nail salon (as a girl) and then you choose to go to a run down motel and play "Kissy- kiss", "Wanky-wank", "Sucky-suck"with another fem, submissive, slutty TV/TS/CD. I want to hear from you pathetic fags about what makes this so enjoyable.

Stroking Sissy....

Look at these fags....I guess that is the only way they will get there rocks off.


Rubbing "Clitties"...


What a pair of pathetic motel sluts

Is there anything more Sissy than this?

I am sure there will be a fight for the "snowball".


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bareback Anal Slut

When it comes to being a true "Sissy Cock Milker" the single most submissive, degrading and humiliating act is letting a "real man" fuck your tight "boy pussy" just like he would a genetic girl.
Face it, most of you fags spend a day dressed in your slutty lingere and fetish wear with a cock shaped butt plug inserted with half a tube of KY Jelly in your precious "pussy" dreaming of letting a real stud make you his bitch. I want to hear from you sissies how you finally broke down and realized that instead of fucking women that it was "you" who was going to be the "bitch". Tell me of your hottest, most humiliating ass fucking and then stroke your little pathetic dick while you look at these hot photos and wish you were the "girl", or should I say "faggot" in the picture.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ready, set, SUCK!

You know the feeling, you haven't dressed in a week and your every waking thought wanders back to last weekend when you spent two hours getting bathed, shaved, powdered and perfumed and then spent another 45 minutes picking out something deliciously slutty to wear for your "date". Actually the word "date" would be a loose term since basically you went to a local Jack Shack and spent the better part of the afternoon sucking any dick that made its way through the glory hole wall. Forget about resisting the urge to do it again. You know you will spend the next 3 hours getting perfectly madeup and dressed so you can spend the evening kneeling on the floor of a sticky adult store video booth while you see how many dicks you can drain. Have fun.......FAGGOT!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dick Milking

Nothing is as sexy as a swollen cock on a large titted slut. The image of a sexy woman kneeling and submissively mouthing a "real man's" dick has given me hours of pleasure.
As much as I love a great bj, I would trade everything to be this woman.
Words like: "ball-drainer", "cum-slut", "cum-receptacle" and the like make my cock hard. These images make me wants to be force feminized and turned into a sperm depository, a vessel for warm, sticky, semen.
I want my tits augmented to a DD cup. I want men starring at my ample tits and lusting for them. I want to smell the testosterone in the room as I walk through and sense that every man wants to fuck me.