Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bareback Anal Slut

When it comes to being a true "Sissy Cock Milker" the single most submissive, degrading and humiliating act is letting a "real man" fuck your tight "boy pussy" just like he would a genetic girl.
Face it, most of you fags spend a day dressed in your slutty lingere and fetish wear with a cock shaped butt plug inserted with half a tube of KY Jelly in your precious "pussy" dreaming of letting a real stud make you his bitch. I want to hear from you sissies how you finally broke down and realized that instead of fucking women that it was "you" who was going to be the "bitch". Tell me of your hottest, most humiliating ass fucking and then stroke your little pathetic dick while you look at these hot photos and wish you were the "girl", or should I say "faggot" in the picture.


Pamela Pantydropper said...

"Face it, most of you fags spend a day dressed in your slutty lingere and fetish wear with a cock shaped butt plug inserted with half a tube of KY Jelly in your precious "pussy" dreaming of letting a real stud make you his bitch."
Wow, you certainly got my number. I'm guilty...and terribly aroused.

"I want to hear from you sissies how you finally broke down and realized that instead of fucking women that it was "you" who was going to be the "bitch"".

I'm still (mostly) a virgin back there. But I do have a great story about becoming the bitch:
I was at the sex club one night, dressed to the nines, and looking to hook up with a transsexual. I minced over to a dark play room. But the girl I had spied earlier in the night, and had wanted to play with, was already heavily engaged with a guy. I stood there watching for a bit, wishing she'd play with me instead of him, when suddenly I felt a pair of strong hands on girlish hips. I turned around to see what was happening and found myself facing a broad male chest, then looked up at a rather handsome face. He was rather polite and charming as he introduced himself, showered me with compliments, and asked if it was OK that he was touching me. I was totally shocked and surprised by my own reaction. I must admit I had never considered a big jock kind of guy to be attractive before that. But somehow his presence made me feel so small and girly and yes, sexy and desirable. So much so that I ended up as putty in his hands. Over the course of the night, I ended up letting him french kiss me, finger me, dry hump me, lick me, then finally he sent me down onto my knees to suck and jerk him to orgasm. Mmmm. What a night - accidentally discovering for the first time the pleasures of being a little girly girl servicing a big manly man. The memories still make me terribly aroused.

Lizabeth said...

Hi Pamela,
Nick posting, this is exactly the response I am looking for.


flufffortner said...

Met a gurl in a bar who took me home with her, but once there she turned everything around on me. She was Domme, and understood me better than I understood myself. She had me on my knees worshipping her cock, then started playing with my ass, and when I said it felt good, she chuckled, bent me over her ottoman and entered me. And that was that. I have been addicted ever since. She showed me who was really the bitch, and once I walked through that door there was no turning back.

chris said...

I just found your blog, ive been craving cock ever sense I read the name. Hope you still check this...

About me- Im a 36yo chubby guy who ,from the time I can remember, has been experimenting with toys inside me. The first porno I can remember was Behind The Green Door. I remember thinking what it would be like to be the girl in the middle of all those dicks. One in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in each hand. With more waiting to replace them.

When I was 22 I had my first encounter with another man. It was at a adult book store and he was a trucker. I was in an open booth by myself watching the videos. I switched to the gay ones and quickly back to the streight ones when someone came around. This book store was close to home.
I was wathing a hot blond sucking a nice hard cock when one of the strangers came up to my booth. I was sitting and so where he was put his crotch at my eye level. I tried not to look his way, but my eyes glimpsed once or twice.
He didnt say anything at first just watch and looked at me. He mentioned how hot she was and how she was so good at sucking that hard dick. I motioned to agree. "Have you ever seen a dick that big?" he asked. I shook my head no.
I heard the zipper next to me and before I knew it he was all the way in the booth with me and my face was streight on to his cock. For me it was huge. Im about 5 1/2 inches, but this was a lot longer but not that much thicker.
He stood there with his cock about a foot from my face holding it so proadly. "I bet she would love to suck on this" he said gleaming down at em. "oh I bet" i wimpered out softly. It almost sounded sultry.
"Why dont you give it a try" he asked. just then bringing his right leg up to sit on the bench behind me. Now it was right out side of my lips and glistening with precum. I was so horney and the smell just made my tounge wet.
Without a word i slipped the head of his dick into my mouth. It was the first time i had ever tasted a man cock. It was sweet and salty. I was lost in the moment.
It was the first time I had ever done this but I had seen it so many times on video. none of my girlfriends up to that point ever did it. So i went with it and started to suck. he guided himself in and put his hand on the top of my head.
I sucked , licked, sucked for a while then he started to pump his hard shaft into my mouth. I gagged a few times and he'd slow a bit and try not to go so far. But then he started to pump harder and grabbed my hair.
I worked up and started to stiffen and the heat comming of his cock was nice. all of a sudden i felt the warm thick juice start to squirt from his dick into the back of my mouth and i tried not to swallow. I was so not ready for it. But his seed he did deposit. he stayed there for a sec, seamed like forever, and all i could do was swallow. Then he pulled out and left.
That was my actual first time, maybe a little was not 100% accurate but it was so long ago. It wasnt until about a year later that I had my first fucking. Ill tell that story is any want to hear it.

Craig Breuwet said...

I have a small white 7 inch sissy cock and this black female ask me to come over and when I walked into her house she was naked and ask me to get naked as well, me thinking I'm going to have sex with her and then this black man with a huge cock came out of the bathroom and she said get on your knees bitch and suck that black cock and so I said yes mistress and then she told me to bend over and take his cock in my man pussy like the bitch Iam and after he enter my man pussy my sissy cock got hard and she said you really are a sissy faggot bitch aren't you and then after what must have been 20 minutes my sissy cock was shooting cum hands free, and the black female was laughing and said yes that is my sissy faggot bitch I own you now don't I and said yes you do.