Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sissy on Sissy

Of all the tranny porn out there there is a sub-genre that has fascinated me to no end. That is the Sissy on Sissy porn. Isn't it faggy enough that you girls want to dress like a slutty cock draining whore and service a "real man"?
No!, there is an entire category of you dick drainers who yearn to be feminized. I am talking about the kind of feminization that takes a good afternoon with shaving, make-up, clothes, jewelry, a trip to the nail salon (as a girl) and then you choose to go to a run down motel and play "Kissy- kiss", "Wanky-wank", "Sucky-suck"with another fem, submissive, slutty TV/TS/CD. I want to hear from you pathetic fags about what makes this so enjoyable.

Stroking Sissy....

Look at these fags....I guess that is the only way they will get there rocks off.


Rubbing "Clitties"...


What a pair of pathetic motel sluts

Is there anything more Sissy than this?

I am sure there will be a fight for the "snowball".


Anonymous said...

Oh these pix are just PRECIOUS!! Fantastic riff too!! The "play kissy-kiss, wanky-wank, sucky-suck..." vibe re: sissy on sissy shit is sooo spot on---nice work; keep it comin'!!

Lizabeth said...

Dear Sxytvinyl,
Do you know anyone else exploring this kind of nasty subject matter? I jerked such a huge load once I finished these two posts.


Julie Chambers said...

I've only fantasized about sissy-on-sissy for oh, 25 years. The fact that I've never done it is the truly pathetic part.

I love sissy-on-sissy porn but there is not enough good stuff out there. The photography tends to be terrible, and the professionals don't even wear lingerie much of the time.

I've only recently trained myself to desire men as a sissyslut. But I would love to meet another sissy in a hotel to play dressup and then suck and fuck each other.

Men do not generally appreciate what it feels like to be a sissyslut. Women generally don't either since it's not special to them to dress as their own gender.

There are exceptions of course but only a sissy knows the intensely deep sexual feelings that come with
getting all dolled up from head to toe.

Not only do you get a person who knows what it feels like, you get a cock to suck and fuck too.

How can that be bad?

Pamela Pantydropper said...

Hi Lizabeth,

Your post made me jerk a huge load, too.
You beat me to it actually - I had planned to make a future post on my one blog about exactly this subject. I still will eventually, of course. But you did it soooo well. It'll be tough.

As long as you're asking for stories, I have one that happened about eight years ago that I STILL masturbate to.

I was in the audience at a drag show/dance club, dressed to the nines, totally hot to trot, when I spotted a super hot blonde transvestite in a minidress in the crowd. She spotted me, too. We locked eyes. We danced toward each other, until our bodies were touching.
As we moved our pelvises together, I swear to you, our tucked cocks both erected at the same time.
As we danced, I slid my half tucked erection sideways back and forth against hers, sliping and sliding against my panties, my dress, her dress and her panties, and the bulge beneath. It was sooo delicious. And naughty too, knowing we were essentially secretly rubbing our cocks together in public while completely crossdressed. How wild.
We kissed before I even caught her name. It was a soft girly lesbian kiss.
She pulled away all of sudden. I realized later it was probably because she was about to cum in her panties right then and there.
I learned she was in town for a few days from Australia.
We made plans to meet up again.
Two nights later our girl selves met up again at a gay bar, on an actual date. Both of us in hose, strappy heels and wigs, fake boobs and makeup, toting handbags, dressed to tease. We were so ramped up and hot for each other, stroking each others' soft, silky nyloned legs, as we sat there cross-legged on barstools. It all felt so forbidden. It was so crazy and erotic to be making out, femme to femme, right there at the bar. In between long slow deep tongue kisses, her french manicured hand on my smooth nyloned thigh and inching slightly up my miniskirt, she said something to the effect of "imagine if our mums could see us now." And the terror of that idea totally erected my panties.

Ultimately, it didn't work out so well in bed because we were both bottoms. But the foreplay I described above was some of the best I've ever had with anyone.

_H_ said...

oh, shit, I want a big cock in my right now

jdawg said...

Mmmm yes so hotttt