Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cock Rider

After a hot weekend with my new Daddy I went back and re-read this earlier post I had made. The guy I am seeing is pretty big-6'-4", 225 lbs with a 7 1/2" uncut cock (he grew up in Europe). I felt like such a swishy fag sissy after letting him pump load after load of his manly sperm into my puckered boi-pussy. Over the weekend I spent countless hours with my butt in the air as well as down on my knees draining his hard cock. It made me want to repost this earlier writing (please see the footnote below) with a little update...kisses XXOO-Lizabeth

I am so very happy to hear from all you gay, effeminate sissy sluts. I can understand what you mean when you say that you used to be perfectly heterosexual. But I'm glad to hear that your inner voice won over, so that you could experience the joys of being on your knees, sucking a manly man's stiff cock with your painted lips while you smell the wonderful scent of cock. And so that you could experience the wonderful sensation of having your lower pleasure-hole entered by a hard, throbbing cock; feeling it work its way back and forth inside you, making you feel so girlie.

Being a sissy-faggot is such a wonderful treasure. To be a gay, faggot sissy is such a fabulous, oh-so-girlie delight.

Thank your lucky stars that you're an unmanly, effeminate, gay, homo, queer, cock-loving s
issy faggot! Because in being the faggot sissy that you are, you can experience so many of the feminine joys of pleasuring hard cocks. The smell of cock on your breath, the feeling of a stiff cock in your ass, getting to taste a cock, the taste of a man's semen in your mouth, rubbing semen over your body after your man has shot off--and best of all, feeling the cock as it thrusts back and forth inside your boy pussy.

Oh, girlfriends, you are so fortunate to be a totally queer sissies. You never have to worry about getting pussy, because *you are* the pussy! You don't fuck, *you get fucked*!

You are true cock-rider, and an inspiration to all of us cock-riding sissy faggots! Like me, you're a pansy-faggot cock-jockey. We all adore cock and can't get enough of it.

Enjoy your rides on the cream-filled meat-pony, I know I will!

The above post needs to be credited to its true author Jamie Michelle at Sissy School. She described in amazing detail how this sissy felt-sorry to have not given her credit earlier.


dollyanne said...

Wow, lizabeth, is that you! Nice vid with free flopping clitty and pure pleasure on the sissy's face servicing that big black cock with gusto! Is this where dolly is headed? Wow!


Fionafuckwhore said...

You are getting awesome with your pics and posts. My clit will not hold up to the abuse you're causing me to inflict on her. You and TVFA are totally changing my sex-hungers. I love you for it!

Fionafuckwhore said...

I love that cock-gagging suck slut below! She must be my mentor. I would love to 'sesh' with you that way Lizabeth. And Dollyanne's question is a good one. Is that you? And, thank you for pointung us in the right direction to get there.

Fionafuckwhore said...

Hey, where are you?
Did you go to Singapore or something? Get back here and fix our lids with some more icky nasty sissy stuff!!!!

Lizabeth said...

Trust me, it takes time to pull the really nasty stuff out of my sick little mind. Thanks for all your support girls (fags!)

sissy alicia said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your lines like: "You never have to worry about getting pussy, because *you are* the pussy!" Just terrific! More please!.....and by the way Fiona, where the fuck did your precious filthy blog go???? Bring it back!

Southern Sissy said...

I always look forward to your posts, Liz.

Makes me realize how lucky I am to be who I am. Used to be, I was a very frustrated sissy fag ... trying to maintain a "straight" image, while dreaming of being a large, mature hairy real MAN's submissive bitch.

Still fondly remember my self initiated conversion from a latent, wannabe faggot to an active sissy fag ... by responding to an AOL m/m personal from a married man wanting regular "no recip" blowjobs.

My cocksucking skills, and fondness for real MAN cock, gradually increased with each successive blowjob.

Once I started having my MAN unload his sperm into my mouth, and swallowing it ... that did it for me. I knew right then ... as I realized I had swallowed his output exactly what I was, and always would be ... a man loving sissy faggot. My clitty was having orgasms as my MAN was filling my mouth with his jizz.

Now, I "moved up the food chain" by finding a gay TOP MAN. That's where it's at, fellow fags ...

This a real MAN who happens to thrive on treating his lover as a female slut. He has a real need & desire to deposit every drop of his cum in, or on, his male bitch. ... He loves to kiss and fondle too.

Take it from me, fags ... start swallowing every single drop of your MAN's love juice. You will change ... and, he will love it.

He now insists I hold his cock when he is pissing ... and makes me lick his cock dry before he will re holster it.

fwidman said...

I see...too much sex and not enough blogging going on here! LOL

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lizabeth. When one posts another person's writings it's good practice to credit the author while noting any changes one makes to the text. The text in your post from the second paragraph on was written by me (with the slight change made as to who is being addressed in the text). Below is located my post wherein I wrote the aforesaid:

"Cock-Rider," Jamie Michelle, Apr 12, 2006 5:26 am

I see you also liked another one of my writings and posted it without attribution in "Real Man vs. A Sissy," April 28, 2008 . Below is my post wherein I authored that:

"Re: sissies and "Real men" compared?," Jamie Michelle, Dec 16, 2006 5:25 pm

Pamela Pantydropper said...

Oh, no! I followed the links, and it appears to be true. This has been one of my favorite blogs. :(

Lizabeth said...

Jamie is right and she has been given full credit for her articles. Sorry to have been such a skank. In the future when I plagiarize, I will give credit.
Jamie, for what it is worth you have been a mind bending inspiration.


jusme said...

Thank you Liz for all your posts!
I had my first time life changing experience. I was living with my girlfriend who lives with her best friend (who is a guy). One night i couldn't hold my true self in any longer and had a long talk with her, telling her my secrets. We had only been dating a month and a half so she took it well and decided to help me. I love her for helping me the way she did. She let me borrow her clothes and even helped me with make-up (as she knew that i liked how she always wore it slutty). The same night she brought me into her friends room pushed me onto the bed, and told me it was okay, and he was bi. I nervously started rubbing his cock, after the nervous start it was all amazing!!!! He woke up and (although suprised) saw that my (now ex) girlfriend was there and he tok out his cock from his boxer and she guided me in my first ever blowjob...the second most amazing thing i have ever felt..the first being when he turned me over and rode me without my consult (which although great really hurt!)...i felt used, scared, confused, and oh so wonderfully feminine!! I came so hard, i was touching my straining boi-clit and it exploded, I even let him cum in me. I havn't done it again since, as I am still nervous and scared...but your site has helped motivate me and I might try to pay him another visit.
Thanks again Liz, you are an inspiration, never in a thousand years would have I thought this would happen in my life!
-Shea H.

Shawn said...

I love to be a sissy for large cocks, I need to have real men make me there bitch, one of my dreams is to be owned by a large cock man or by a couple and serve them like the sissy whore I am.

Oh I also love big balck cocks.

dollyanne said...

lizabeth, yours is one of the sexiest blogs...keep the cum-spurting posts cumming!