Friday, February 22, 2008

Sissy on Sissy II

Last year I think the nastiest blog posting I had was the Sissy on Sissy post. There definitely seems to be a HUGE group of you fags who are not getting sex from women. I suspect many of you actually only get to have Sissy on Sissy sex (go figure).
Personally I love being fucked by a strong manly man, but many of you are only attractive enough to spend time in some disgusting "jack-shack" or video booth sucking each others pathetically small "sissy clits". I should just have you fags epoxy your hand to your clits so you could just stroke yourselves constantly.
For once I would love to see some of this genre of sissy porn from you fellow cockmilkers.
Lets see what disgusting activities you are all up to. *WARNING*-It would be a good idea to not read this blog for a few days so your sissy "clits" aren't rubbed completely raw. Happy stroking FAGS!!!!

Pathetic, could these two be bigger Fags?

Pathetic Sissies playing with each other

Good little blowjob queen!

This Subby can take a BIG load!

What a pair of FAGS!

With a clitty that small, no wonder all she gets to do is suck other Sissies.

Maybe we could epoxy her mouth to that clit?

Drain that tessie sac!

When was the last time this blond had sex with a woman....FUCKING NEVER!

Sucky suck Sissy!

Tell me your Sissy Suck stories I say Fags?


Anonymous said...

Oh God I just popped a HUGE Boner but I can't jack it like I wanna 'cause my chick's on her way home and I'm expected to fuck her hot pussy like a real man instead of the hand-humping sissyfag that I am with you wankers! This split-personality shit is rough--but I can handle it!--Hahahahahaha...

Pamela Pantydropper said...

Here's my second sissy on sissy story: One time at a tranny club, years ago, I took along this younger cute tranny who was getting dressed up and going out for one of the first few times for her. We shared something in the ladies' room, and boom to the brain, from that point on we couldn't stop teasing each other, and discretely and then no-so-discretely rubbing against each other. We ended up coming back to my place, and while my girlfriend was sleeping soundly in another part of the flat, we spent most of the night playing dressup in lingerie and pantyhose, satin dresses, etc, making out, rubbing our pantyhosed cocks together, and then 69ing each other for what must have been hours on end.

Julie Chambers said...

Great collection of pics. I love the Janine series. Near as I can tell there are a finite number of those pics. I wish she would shoot more.

Being the pathetic slut that I am, I'm a slut-on-slut (or sissy-on-sissy) virgin so I have no story to share.

But sissy-on-sissy has been my #1 fantasy for decades. Maybe I need to drop my man-on-sissy fantasies and go back to sissy-on-sissy.

Fionafuckwhore said...

I'm happy to tell you my mouth has served as fuckhole to 3 sissy cocks, and I fellated them, licked them, moaned, loving the oral-sex wrongness of my cock blowing, loving the sneaky way I degraded myself, finding them in their sissy-lairs, kneeling down to their scents, and their penises, putting myself face-to-phallus, taking their effeminate fuck into my face. It's what I think my face is for, and it felt very proper to me. The last one tried for a while to fuck me in the anus, but it did not really get in for a thrust. boohoo. (hormones...) The first one had a Bronx accent and said, "I'm going to make you suck every cock in the bar." The second one said, "You're being a good girl now, baby. Baby-suck it." The third one said, "You call me tomorrow? Promise? You call me anytime." I used to hang out at the Queen Mary, (gone now) in LA. Are any of you girls that I blew?

dollyanne said...

These sissy on sissy pics are sooo hot and show the sissy at her best: giving pleasure to others, whether men or sissies or TVs or TGs or GGs. A proper sissy must learn to give pleasure to others and not take it selfishly for herself. Dolly is learning to be a proper sissy, and is training with a realistic 8" black cock dildo to give pleasure when the time comes. If only dolly could have met fiona at the Queen Mary!