Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who REALLY wants to be a Sissy?

Dressed and anxiously awaiting your boyfriend

Making sure you are perfect for Daddy.

How many of you girls are this committed to serving?

Making Daddy very happy.

Are you really ready for a good hard fuck?

Are you ready to be Daddy's cum catcher?

I know we have many closet Sissies out there, but what I want to know is how many of you have actually spent time with a "real man". Not on chat, not phone sex. I want to know how many of you femmy faggots have actually taken that ultimate Sissy challenge and actually drained a mans cock in your mouth and or pussy.

Care to share girls?


dollyanne said...

Dolly luvs all these pics, lizabeth, but that first pic of the sissy girl waiting on her pink bed in her sluttiest outfit, her panties already dropped to the floor, waiting for her boyfriend, made dolly's sissy clitty tingle!


Pamela Pantydropper said...

I was going to say the same thing!

sissy danelle said...

I had the wonderful experience to savor cum directly from two different cocks. Not at the same time. In high school I would venture over to on stud house, and service his cock wile wearing a red fishnet body stocking and my lips coated with a very red shade of lipstick. Needless to say all good things have to come to an end and we ended up going separate ways.

The second cock was from a horny guy I met who treated me a sissy cum slut. I nursed and bobbed on his wonderful hard hot throbbing cock while he called me a sissy cum slut whore. I continued on, basking in the glory of becoming a sissy, a sissy servicing a real man. I continued my manipulation of his cock with my sissy mouth as he grabbed my head and thrust deeply in my mouth and against the back of my of my throat. His cock then started to shudder, and glorious stream of delicious cum sprayed forth, filling my mouth with what I needed.

Cocks are wonderful, all sissies should strive to pleasure them and get their reward.

sissy danelle

Pamela Pantydropper said...

Cocks. Wow. Do I have some stories. Drinking cum straight from the spigot. I'll come back to this page after I figure out which one will turn you on the most.

Anonymous said...

It was in the late 1980's and i had just started dressing and going out in public. I still remember the first dick i sucked. I was at a man's apartment and we were hugging and kissing. In the middle of it he asked me if i had every given a blowjob. I laughed and said no. Then he said, "You're about to do your first." He opened his pants and out popped his erection. I was mesmerized. I had never seen another man's penis. Then he said, "Now get down there and suck my dick."

I complied. After what seemed like a long time he came in my mouth. I chocked and wanted to spit it out but he grabbed me by the back of my head and made me swallow it.

Afterward i quickly got my things and left. I was ashamed that i had had a man's tool in my mouth and that i had swallowed cum. That was my first step on the road to becoming a cock-slut.

nancyroseTV said...

The most intense sexual experiences of my life have been with men, sucking them, being fucked by them. I always thought I was a hetro crossdrsser, and then I sucked my first cock, which belonged to a big strong dom man who made me feel like such a sissy girl slut. And since then, I've never been the same. I still love pussy, and women, but I think about cock and sucking them and being fucked a lot more.

Southern Sissy said...

Great subject, Liz.

The clothes, the smooth hairless body and the makeup / wig don't make the real sissy.

Sissies are made, from "one time real men, not born". They are NOT transgendered people.

This sissy is quite different from a garden variety faggot. I went through all the crossdressing, shaving, makeup routines like many sissies. But I didn't become a real sissy until I swallowed a real man's sperm direct from his pulsating cock. That experience changed me forever.

"Out of curiosity" (yea, sure), I met a mature married man online who was looking for regular, discreet, "no recip" blowjobs. We began to meet regularly at his house, whenever his wife would be away for an extended period.

Tom was not very attractive, and was quite overweight. What appealed to me was he was "safe", very discreet, much bigger than me, and was a real "man's MAN". He had a very nice "average" size cock, with really big balls ... low hangers. I guess it was several months before I let him cum in my mouth, and I was spitting his sperm out for several months after that.

Also, I always shave my face very close before I would go over to his house because I wanted his cock to feel like it was a woman sucking it. He, being a "straight" MAN, really enjoyed my submissive nature.

Well, one day while I was especially turned on sucking his cock, I was fondling and licking his balls and began to pay attention to just how full his nut sack was. At that point, I made a decision to swallow his sperm and became very excited. I realy went to work on his cock, using my tongue a lot as I sucked, AND found myself getting an extremely hard "clitty". When he started cumming, I began to swallow ... and swallow ... and swallow. I couldn't believe it ... he was more excited than I'd ever seen him ... and, I had a "no hands" climax.

That began a brand new phase in our illicit relationship. I found I was unbelievably fulfilled, emotionally and sexually, by ingesting all his baby making fluid ... he, geing a real MAN, knew he had a hopeless sissy faggot who was addicted to his sperm. Talk about a MAN gaining sexual confidence!

He began to tease me when he would call for a blowjob, knowing how much I enjoyed swallowing his semen. That really turned me on too.

Well, we continued seeing each other until a job transfer caused him to move to another city ... and, I'd lost my only source of sperm.

I was hooked ... forever a real sissy. I had no more interest in women, sexually ... and was only aroused by thoughts of sucking cock. Here's the key item ... I had absolutely no interest in using my cock to enter anotehr person's body ... male, or female. I was exclusively a cock receptacle.

I also found, after a few internet & bookstore interludes, that I was a "one man" cocksucker. I really wanted only one MAN to suck regularly.

What was I to do??? After a lot of due diligence, I came to the conclusion what I needed was to find a mature, gay TOP MAN. Yes, sissies, I said a gay MAN.

Here was my reasoning: I wanted a MAN who was somewhat dominant and thoroughly enjoyed having sex with another man. A MAN who was fulfilled by making another man his sexual woman.

After several "bust" internet connections, I found a internet site that catered to mature gay men. I also found out that there are very few 100% top gay men. However, they do exist, and I found several.

These men are sexually greedy, and enjoy having their cocks loved on by submissive men. I settled on a large exclusively gay TOP MAN to meet. Well, wannabe sissies, this relationship has taken me to an entirely new level of sissyhood. In addition to being fed massive amounts of Doug's sperm, my ass has become a pussy ... a manpussy.

I see Doug a couple of times a week. He's always horny! I'm expected to be totally shaved & smooth, from my neck down ... and to wear panties & hose whenever we meet. I am also enjoying experiencing everything a woman would with her man. ... Passionate kissing and being fondled by a large hairy man. Falling asleep with a large hairy man's arms around me ... feeling his cock & balls on my body, etc.

That is what sissyhood is all about, ladies. It's the addiction to being a sexual woman for a real MAN. Only a gay TOP MAN will make you realize your aspirations. He will feed you more sperm than you ever hoped for ... and will love you for being his sissy.

Southern Sissy said...

Watch out aspiring sissies.

Once you reach real sissyhood, there is no return to being a heterosexual. The change is irreversible ... regardless of whether you are a practicing, or dormant, sissy.

You will know you have become a real sissy when the thought of a real MAN's cock causes you to get sexually aroused. ... When that thought reminds you of the smell and taste of cock ... and arouses you.

Also, you will never look at women the same way. When you see a sexy female, you will instead of wondering how she would be as a sexual partner, be jealously imagining how you would love to be in her situation ... wearing provocative feminine frocks over a shaved smooth body, wearing heels to make your legs and ass more appealing to a MAN. You will envy her for being able to make all those straight man cocks hard. You will wonder how she can hold herself back from from sucking a lot of cock every day. You know what you would do.

As I mentioned earlier ... your confirmation to this irreversible sissy status is when you begin to ingest sperm and realize you are to be penetrated, and never again will penetrate.

You have lost your manhood. You are of no use, sexually, to women or most men. You are a sexual eunuch whose only sexual purpose is to drain sperm from real men's cocks, and to do it in such a manner they will want you to do it for them again, and again, and again.

It's a nice life once you overcome any guilt you may have regarding your sexuality, and realize how personally, and sexually, fulfilling it is for you. You are a very special person ... and, a top gay MAN will love you for being you. Every real MAN wants his sperm to be deposited inside another person ... You are that person.

southern sissy said...

Oh, before I forget ... once you find your top gay MAN, you will never consider any other kind of lover ... of either sex.

Here's one MORE reason why. ... Your gay MAN naturally loves manpussy, as much, or more, than a straight man does female pussy. It totally turns him on.

You will find yourself being romanced in the bedroom during foreplay by intense pussy eating. They love that pussy!

For those of you who have never had your pussy eaten, you really have something to look forward to. Once that gay MAN get ~HOT~ ... he can't resist tonguing your pussy for a long while. You will be in absolute heaven, and getting as hot as a pistol as his wet tongue prepares your pussy to receive his cock. All you will be thinking about is how nice it will be to have his entire manhood inside of you.

Once he has you yearning for his cock, he'll probably have you suck on it for a bit to bring it to maximum hardness. During this time you will have that meat, which will soon be inside your pussy, in your mouth to savor & love.

Most gay top MEN will then turn you on your back, rest your ankles on their shoulders, and slowly insert their hard cock into your pussy. Experienced, and passionate, lovers are they as he will no doubt begin to passionately kiss you as his cock extends deeper into your pussy. Remember, this is perfectly natural sex for these gay MEN. He will fill your sucking mouth with his tongue, so you will have two holes filled with him.

A gay MAN will want his sissy bitch to be totally consumed with being his woman ... and will be fondling your little titty nipples and your ass cheeks as he's stroking your pussy.

Then comes the ultimate for a true sissy ... your pussy can feel his cock swelling and you are anticipating his climax as you passionately fuck that cock inside of you. Then it happens ... the kissing becomes more frantic, the stroking deeper & faster and you begin to feel all wet, warm and slippery inside. You have done it again, sis ... been his woman!

How could you want to be anything else? ... Answer: You won't, once you begin to swallow that baby laden sperm.

Lassy said...

My first real daddyman used dress me all sweet and pretty, then sit me on his knee, and as i played with his big manly half-hooded cock, have me sip his sperm from a martini glass he kept in the freezer then warmed up in the microwave. Throughout the week he would shoot his cums in the glass and then invite me over for a real man's cocktail! He knew that certain little sissys turn completely queer forever the minute they taste a real mans perfect manly cumycum! And he was so right! And as i sat there with his finger up my bum, sipping his delicious sperm, he would instruct me in the proper behavior little sissys should always exhibit around their big manly daddys. Now, whenever a real daddyman's eyes meet mine, he can tell at a glance that i'll do whatever it takes to pleasure him and take as much manly pecker pudding as his big manly daddy balls can cook for his queer sweet sissyboy! i'm so glad my daddy made me queer!

southern missy said...

You must all remember you are all homosexuals, faggots, queers, etc ... first.

You are also the lowest homos on the in the faggot hierarchy. ... You are bottoms, "non penetrators" of anyone, semem suckers, manpussies, man lovers, etc. YOU ARE AS QUEER AS QUEER GETS!

What is interesting is most sissies started out as hetero real men. Aside from the eroticism & excitement we got out of mimicing women, the lowest common denominator is the strong need to be submissive and humiliated.

Everything we've done points in one direction ... submitting sexually to another man in most the humbling acts.

Once you entered this arena and began to swallow another man's semen, any pretense you held of ever functioning sexually as a male was quashed forever. Sure some of you may still have sex with females, but you really don't enjoy it. You may be doing it for many reasons ... but, you know what really turns you on and fulfills you. It's not pussy & tits.

As I've mentioned before, you're ultimate destiny for sexual and emotional fulfillment is a gay TOP MAN. That MAN will really make you feel like the faggot you know you are. He'll enjoy kissing you, fondling you, ... even stimulating your clitty manually & orally ... all as romantic foreplay. You are his woman ... it's perfectly natural to him.

Now, my gay lover wants us to take a weekend trip to another city next month. He enjoys me being totally shaved and wearing panties / hose when I come over to see him.

He thinks it will be quite erotic for us to go to some gay clubs in another city as a obvious TOP / bottom, DADDY / sissy, MAN / bitch couple. I'll be wearing just enough makeup, lip gloss, clear nail polish, ear rings, etc to insure everyone who sees us will know I am a girlyman ... HIS girlyman. I'll also be wearing women's tailored pants, blouse, panties and hose (no socks), and womens shoes (very tiny heel).

We will be in a "safe environment" for such behavior ... and, we each will be stimulated by our public displays. He gets to show everyone his dominant nature by parading around his sissy who obviously loves his masculinty and has unconditionally submitted to his manhood.

I have to wonder what will happen ... Will I be expected to suck some strange cocks, bend over for them???

In any event ... you are all disgusting cum dump faggots, just like me. Who else would enjoy having another MAN relieve his sexual urges in your mouth or ass?

lil' brat said...

What a great topic.

"Who REALLY wants to be a Sissy?"

That's almost like saying who really wants to be a man, or who wants to be a woman.

You are what you are, whether a practicing sissy or a latent sissy. If you aren't shaved and dressed in sissy frocks, you wish you were. You want nothing to do with being a man.

There is not much more alluring to a real sissy than the image of having his lips around a real man's hard, thick boner. Isn't it sooo exciting having that wonderful, warm virile cock in your wet mouth, wondering when it will begin to pulsate and inject you with it's thick, creamy semen??

That is when your MAN really appreciates his cockloving sissy. How could he feel any other way?? He's in absolute ecstacy while he's filling your slut mouth with his sperm. He knows you want it ... he knows you love swallowing every drop.

Lassy said...

My daddyman made me learn a poem to recite for his friends. He would dress me in a sweet lil sheer nighty and heels, make-up, his favorite perfume, no pantys at all, my bald little playthings with a pretty pink or red ribbon tied tite around w a sweet lil bow. My poem went like this:

I'm daddys little girlyboy
as you can plainly see
my sissy name is Lassy,
and I'm as queer as I can be

I love the taste of daddys cock
I love it up my bum
but most of all I love to drink
my daddys tasty cum!

I have a little fairy-tail
it's just three inches tall,
daddy says I love big cocks
because mine is so small

So if you want to fuck
a little sissy up her bum
or if you'd like to feed
a little queerygirl your cum
then you can be my daddy
and treat me like a whore
I'll suck your cocks and make you cum
and then I'll beg for more!

isn't that sweet?
kisses sissys!
- Lassy

Anonymous said...

I havent made a man cum yet but i have sucked on a older man's cock and i was dressed up in fishnet body stockings, a black and white polka dot bra and panty set.

I am not sure where i fit cause i am really not attracted to men, but I cant stop thinking about cock now. I date women but i want COCK. I just wantto feel cum shooting on my face in my mouth swallowing it down my sissy throat.

memphis missy said...

"I am not sure where i fit cause i am really not attracted to men, but I cant stop thinking about cock now. I date women but i want COCK."

It's just a matter of time till your thinking, and sexual preference, does a complete reversal. You will soon end up like the rest of us sissy faggots. ...

Make no mistake, you, like the rest of us, will be a faggot first ... and then a sissy.

For a "straight" man in denial of his faggotry, it usually happens like this. You've sucked a mature man's cock and can't get it off your mind. You really want to do it again ... with, or without, your sissy frocks. You will do it ... many times.

Sooner or later, you will get your first mouthful of sperm. You'll probably spit it out ... but, your faggot indoctrination has moved a few more notches to fruition.

If your mature MAN is a regular for you, he will have really enjoyed cumming in your mouth ... a whole lot more than what he's been used to. He will expect to have you receive his ejaculation of sperm in you mouth every time you blow him.

One of these days, you will be so excited while he's filling your mouth with sperm you will feel the need to swallow it.

Then the "magic" has happened! You are now a real faggot ... a sissy faggot, to boot. You now find yourself having an uncontrollable sexual attraction to mature men. Not only their cocks ... but everything about them ... their hairiness, their balls, their firm butts, hairy bellies, etc.

You are now filled with an overwhelming desire to please him sexually exactly as a woman would. You are now useless to women as a sexual partner, as you have a need to be penetrated, and not penetrate.

You won't get over it. That sex act you used to find so disgusting ... is now what you want to do most. You are now a lifelong sissy faggot.

My advice ... find a 100% homosexual dominant MAN as your lover. He knows what he desires, and loves manpussy. Treat him right, and you will be drinking large quantities of his semen.

Anonymous said...

love this blog, always makes me start getting excited for cock. i love sucking and wearing girly clothes. taking a hard cock up the ass is the most submissive act ever. being a bitch for another man. giving yourself over to him, pleasing him.

kits_kin said...

Love your site and its attitude! As a cock-worshipping faggot, I love to submit to a real man, swallowing his cum or offering my pussy ass to satisfy his need to fuck. I've been lucky to suck some gorgeous cocks and loved every pathetically queer minute of it. I feel most fulfilled as a homo when my lips are wrapped around another man's throbbing, squirting tool. My dream is to be with a man who likes me to service him while I'm wearing panties and hose or lingerie -- someone who would buy me gifts from Victoria's Secret, make me dress up like a girl and then fuck me silly!

Mojo_08 said...

I love this blog too. It just reminds me of how much of a cocksucking sissy I've become. It does become very habit forming, doesn't it, girls?

You can't take back those little ministrations you've done on your knees. . .


Anonymous said...

i've never done these things before but maybe in the future

Anonymous said...

i've never done these things

Anonymous said...

memphis missy i love all of your posts i'm addicted to reading them, i know i am heading the same way.

sissyfaggot sindy said...

I have yet to take a mans cum in my sissy pussy, but so excited that my Mistress dressed me, and had me suck cock and be fucked for the first time two weeks ago.

I felt wonderful knowing I was a sissy faggot as cock was sliding in and out of my sissy pussy.

Mistress has also emptied a condom full of cum into my sissy mouth.

It is wonderful being like this

Anonymous said...

memphis missy/memphis sissy i love all of your posts, i relate to them so much although i am at the start of my journey, would you like to exchang e email addresses? how can we contact each other?