Thursday, March 6, 2008

Face Fuck-Man Milk

Sometimes I think about spending the entire morning bathing, shaving, primping, getting all powdered and perfumed and made up. Putting on some sexy lingere then being bound by a strong "Daddy" type "Real Man", being given a full dose of Viagra then being forced to suck dick and take cum until my face looked like a glazed donut.
Thinking about how hard my clitty would be with that legendary 4 hour erection and the only relief in sight is sucking cock and hoping for hopes sake that I can cum just by being a good little "Dick Drainer" for my sweet Daddy.

Forced to suck!

Draining Daddy's creamy load

Please Daddy, more !

Cover me with that spermy, creamy, sticky Man-milk!

Spermy Kisses--FAGS!

1 comment:

Fionafuckwhore said...

Dearest Lizabeth,
You have achieved making me admit I'm a sissy faggot.
I'm your your fag. I want your ejaculations, through and through me. I want to be the milker of your sissy cock, in some official way. I feel I owe you because your blog is so very very nourishing. You feed my addicition to sperming cock more than anyone. These are such great photos, they 'touch' me and turn me inside out.
Goodness, where do I have to go to get my head locked up in a wall for face-raping? That first photo answers all I hope for, but never even thought of, as what I would choose as my destiny. How do I get there? Please, help me get there! I must get my head on that wall of indignity. Please! Who do I have to blow to get my head wall-clamped and fucked? Thank you so much for showing me to me. Face dripping cocksperm and grateful cummy sticky kisses to you...