Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fags Sucking Cock

Personally I love the photos of girls who are marginally passable or who are so over the top with hair and makeup that a single look at them and you scream "FAG".
It gets me hot seeing these sissy fags trying their best to please a real cock(after all, this blog is all about what excites my pervy mind). All of these gurls are good for nothing more than to be used for a cum receptacle.
If any of you fags can remove you hand from your pathetic clits for a second send me some comments about how you have been used for a real mans pleasure and treated like the CUM DUMPSTER that you are.

Here is a pretty girl sucking cock

This girl is almost passable........not!

A tranny trying to please a big dick

What a sissy faggot

A good little dick drainer

Nice look FAG!

What a faggy looking dicksucker!

Another fag sucking cock

Finally, a tranny that looks like she knows how to drain a cock!

Give us your seed Daddy!

Now, this is a perfect dick drainer : o
Spermy Kisses


dollyanne said...

these made dolly's heart race--especially the sissy on BBC! dolly has already been pursued by several black men wanting her to give them her sissy attention. for now, dolly must dream, so she will come (and cum) back to these again and again. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

The first time i gave a guy a blowjob i said to myself, "I'm not a cocksucker." The second time i gave a guy a blowjob i said to myself, "I am not a cocksucker." The third time i gave a guy a blowjob i said to myself, "I am not a cocksucker.

When i lost track of how many blowjobs i had given i finally said to myself, "I like the taste of cum and i am a definately a cocksucker." From then on i've been able to enbrace and enjoy my place in life. I like to suck dick and that's just the way it is.

Fionafuckwhore said...

Dearest Lizabeth,
Goodness gracious. I started sucking cocks on ladies, the 'Strap-On' cock aimed at my face until I gave in to sucking it. I was shy to show what I knew I could do with it. Do you know what I mean? I wasn't shy about doing the sucking, I was shy about having anyone see what I knew I could not hide once the thing was in my mouth. What I knew I could not hide was that I was born to suck cock, meant to, naturally cocksucky; I'd be exposed as organically cum-fetching and porno-mouthed. I was dressed, wigged, and ordered to dance for the cock first, then I started sucking, kissing, sucking, looking up...The Lady said, "Hey. There's guys who would pay good money for that! You slut." When I had sucked for a while, I was told to masturbate onto the cock, and I jerked tip-to-tip. Then I spurted my filthy cum all over the cock, and was told to suck it off, lick it clean, "You learn that good before I put you out on the street."
That was like a promise made that I kept to myself.

amy said...

i love this sissy cockmilker ok i will tell my date with my daddy ok his name is alex he is from germany tall over 6feet 1 inch i am 5 8 as you said my motive was i fuck on my first date so i did he took me to his house and made me see some porn movies and told me to be the girl in it ao i become horny i wanted his cock he said go take a bath and get read for daddy i did wore a pink top black mini skrit stockings fuck me high hells make up and oh yes lots of make up i wore i felt so good and girly when i went all dressed daddy kissed me like a little girl then i became nervous he took his big dick 9 inch from his pants made me suck it with my red lip stick wow i felt so good then we took some lude and put in his condom and my ass then he fucked me doggy syle and he fucked me more then 3 styles and i wanted him to fuck me with out condom so i removed it and he fucked me last time and me shoot in my ass fully ok cum when i went to take bath my ass you full ok daddy cum

maidcindy said...

im curious which if any of the pics on your blog are of you?
And what is your favorite brand of shoes

Fairy Nancy said...

I love your blog. Must say you sum it up so well honey. I too am also a CD, repulsed and intoxicated by my desires. I have to do it though, I shouldn't be so weak for women's clothes so I MUST be punished by having real men's cocks inside me.
I'm learning to like it :)

As my last adventure reveals. Please read all about it here:

I think that may qualify me as a true sissy, tee-hee.

I've also met a lovely sissy friend online recently and hope to have pics of me with her clitty in my mouth very soon. Please let me know if there's any way I can send you those images.

As for you fab photos, I prefer to see useless fag sissies like me sucking cock, rather than TS's with implants on the job. That's ok tho, I have downloaded all your pics of unconvincing CD's sucking cock from your archive. Thank you so much for them. They've inspired me to practice and be a better cocksucker.

Love and dirty cummy slurps,

memphis missy said...

Now, this is a perfect dick drainer : o
Spermy Kisses
I like that sissy too. The pose is great.

Please pay attention, faggots, that sissy has the legs spread, while kneeling, as the cock is obviously being loved on.

Fags ... I can't stress it to your swishy selves enough, you need to find a mature gay TOP MAN to complete your conversion into a sexual woman.

They are very affectionate and love to kiss and fondle. If his cock isn't in your mouth, his tongue will be. He wants to make you feel just like a horny submissive woman ... HIS woman.

This will complete your conversion. Not only will you crave the taste of his cock and everything that comes out of it, you will crave, and respond to, his affectionate kisses just as women did to yours, when you were straight.

Don't worry about becoming a garden variety homo. It's not in the cards for you. You have no interest in penetrating ANYONE sexually. You're the cunt.

That will never change. Get used to it. You sexual future is comprised of plump cocks wanting to be milked, hairy balls needing to be licked and kissed, etc.

If you haven't already, forget about pussy ... that's you, from here on out.

memphis missy said...
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Memphis Missy said...

Good morning fags!

I woke up with a stiff clit this morning, remembering the sexy afternoon I spent slutting for Tom.

Damn ... I have become such a man loving, homo, sissy faggot it's unbelievable. What kind of male person would enjoy being used as a horny MAN's personal sex toy???

I think some of you know, as do I.

Gave some more thought to why a gay top MAN is your best route to an irreversible conversion as a real sissy fag. It happened to me.

Seems, I am less and less embarrassed when I get caught looking at a mature MAN in a public setting. Used to scare me when a MAN would catch me looking at him just as a horny female would look at him. You know, how it is when you're caught looking at another man's crotch and quickly look elsewhere. ... I just knew that they knew I was a closeted man loving faggot.

Doesn't bother me too much any more. It's because I've reached a new comfort level with my sexuality.

How has this happened you wonder??? Once I stopped blowing straight married MEN, and switched my focus to mature gay top MEN it was changed my entire being.

Where once I was nestled, kneeling between a pair of hairy legs servicing a MAN who was only interested in having his cock serviced as quickly as possible ... now, I am the object of his total sexual and romantic desires. It's quite different, and very intoxicating to desire more than the treasures between a MAN's legs.

I've come to enjoy the intimacy of the entire experience. The passionate (guilt free) kissing & fondling, feeling that beard on my face, the heavy hairy body on top of me, the knowledge that he wants me as his complete submissive bitch. A gay top MAN is not embarrassed by his inclinations. He is actually proud to flaunt his relationship with you to his gay friends. To his friends ... he's the dominant MAN, and I am his cockloving bottom. It's "business as usual" in the homo arena.

When we are around his circle of friends, it's common knowledge I'm his adoring bitch who craves his cock in my manpussy, or cunt mouth. What a feeling it is, my fellow fags ... being in a room full of horny men, being a self imposed bitch. I'm expected to act like a sissy fag. They know my cock is nothing more than a clit, and that their maleness is a big turn on for me. This is not like the straight world, at all!

Let me sum it up ... once you have experienced true sexual womanhood as a gay MAN's bitch, and been totally humiliated by being seen in public as his "woman" ... it becomes very hard to control your womanly impulses in your "everyday straight world".

It's kind of exciting.

sissylyssa said...

oh. my. God! i love your blog, it is fabulous and i love everything you post (well, except sissy-on-sissy, i prefer Real Men) and i TOTALLY get how you feel. i absolutely adore pleasing my Daddy, even though he never lets me take His cum in my mouth, He always makes sure to plant it in me. and the more He does it, the more i want it. i am still kind of in denial to agree about how much of a fem sissy slut i am, but it comes out more all the time...keep up the good work, i love it.

Anonymous said...

I spend so much time, getting all dolled up; making myself the best sissy I can be. Only to look in the mirror at the pathetic non-passable fag that I am.
On my knees, lips wrapped around his hard dick, I'm sure I look exactly like the most pathetic little cocksucker in the world.
Why do I deny what I am.

Memphis Missy said...

Love to see sissies Lyssa & Harlot beginning to recognize what they really are.

It really warms my heart to see a closet faggot admit to himself he really is just a perpetually horny female slut in a male body. Mind you, this is not a "garden variety" transgender person "trapped in a man's body".

They are sissy faggots who know they are useless sexually to women, because they are hopelessly sexually attracted to MEN. They also know they are not "regular" faggots, because they have absolutely no desire to sexually penetrate another person.

They are cock loving male cunts, as am I!

Admit it, and jump in your womanhood. Find yourself a mature homosexual top MAN and experience what you are. Be a real sexual woman for a MAN who will love you for who you are. Experience real lovemaking, as you now dream of ... feeling your MAN's probing tongue in your mouth, and your pussy ass ... as he warms you up. Feel that beard against your cheek as he kisses you.

Come on you faggots ... you are almost there!

sissyjoe said...

I love sucking a mans cock and tasting his cum as it rolls over my tongue. i can't believe how long i denied i was a sissy cocksucking fag and pretended to be straight.But now all i want is a cock in my mouth or sissy pussy ever since i found this site and realized what i really was. thank you

Lassy said...

I guess I started out holding grown up mens cocks for them while they peed. I was always so small, pretty and fem that certain types of fellas just assumed I was a little sissyqueer and so they couldn't wait to waltz me off and get me alone and show me their manly cocks. Real men with really big sweet cocks are so proud of their gift that they just naturally assume that little sissys everywhere will be instantly devoted whenever they come across one. And you know what? They are correct! I had been admiring grown up cock ever since I can remember, holding them when they pee, watching wide-eyed when a man would smile and smirk and whip it out suddenly. Maybe I was eleven or twelve when a man first explained that I should simply resign myself to loving cock before he put it in my mouth. His sperm was delicious, warm and so rich I couldn't believe it. All the while he was talking and explaining how the nectar from his pecker would make me complete. That I should take all the cock and cum I could. I had always yearned to suck. And drinking spermy sperm was always my deepest desire. Now I'm 23, I have been sucking and fucking and pleasing cocks all my life. It's all I know. And those men were right, I never grew into a manly fellow, but I'm still small pretty and just as queer as I can be! But no matter how you come to be a cock lover, you really must be devoted to consuming as much delicious pecker pudding as you can possibly get. I love it. I always have and I always will. I never get enough!
Kisses everyone!
- Lassy

Anonymous said...

i did it this morning i sucked my first real cock and i swallowed all
my babes was so good.i couldn't believe at first but now iam so proud of myself.

deepthroatedturtle said...

I'll be glad to serve young Masters..Waynesboro, Va area..Make me your slut and dominate me..I am willing to do whatever you need me to do for the priviledge of making me your slave cum dump..Text or call 540-415-8212..I'll come to you..

Ariannami said...

Memphis Missy... WOW. Love it! Thank you for your insight!!!

obidient4u said...

i'm too a cocksucker, from VA..i suck cock and swallow some local cum..

i'm a hungry, eager and willing cocksucker that loves giving head, getting skull fucked and generally used..Big or small, i'll suck them all..No reciprocation wanted, just get me on my knees or bend me over and use me until Your satisfied..1-on-1 or a group of guys, i LOVE Cock..

Shoot Your load in my mouth, down my throat, all over my face, up my tight ass, wherever You like..One guy shot in my ear so i could hear Him cumming..Nothing is to weird..i'm happy as long as i'm getting Cock and get You cum clean..

If You want to meet me, please let me know, i'll give You a chance to try out my oral skills..
If Your around 40 miles of Waynesboro, VA shoot me an email..obidient4u at yahoo..
Let's fill this cumwhore up..

You have a great site here Sissy Cockmilker..i always enjoy it..Thanks..

Kathyann H. said...

I might have been born with that small male penis but as far as I am concern I am a female. And, for 22 years I have been trying to fix that screw up. It's to the point where I am now very passible. I have lived with 2 lesbian Mistresses for a long time now & they have sissify me as well. While I look like a female I also think of myself as one too.

So, just because I still have a sissy clit, but no testicles anymore. I don't consider myself as a fag. I'm just a girl that loves having a hard cum shooting cock in my mouth. And, I especially love having one spurting away in my mouth & sissy pussy at the same time. Filling me up with that wonderful tasting cum at both ends.

Mmmmmm, guys & girls, I've turned into a cum slut & I love how the stuff makes my tummy warm up when I swallow it down. Mmmmmmm. it don't get no better than that!!
I really get off on knowing that my 2 mistresses are always there watching as I take one cock after another & one load of warm sperm after another.