Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sissy IV

Well, back by popular demand, I present our 4th edition of "Sissy on Sissy"-or as I like to say "Faggot Tranny on Pathetic Sissy Faggot Tranny". Perhaps it would be a good idea to get some lube now so you don't rub those little nubbin's of a clitty all RAW.I don't get it, but some of you would rather be licking, sucking and getting fucked by another Sissy faggot intead of being taken care of by a "Real man".

That's it Fairies, play with yourselves!

Better yet, why not mount up and fuck that Sissy Boi-pussy!

Feeling like a limp wristed FAG yet?

Ready for some Sissy "Cream"?

What a pair of Homo Faggot, Stick licking Sissies!


Shine that fucking meat pole "Bitch"

What a fucking FAG, a fucking, cock-in-her-cheek Sissy Homo!

While most of us want a "Real Man" to serve.

There is a handful of you that want to "smoke" a Sissy's "Clit"-WTF?

Go ahead and stroke it Fairies!

Nice "reach around"

Sissy fairies playing "sucky-suck"

This is how a gurl takes care of her "Real man"

This is how you FAGS butt fuck each other.

Happy Wanking -FAGS!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks that was terrific!!

fwidman said...

Great post :)

Julie Chambers said...

Happy wanking was exactly what I did to this post and the one before it. I was stuck traveling with only my blackberry but was able to access your blog and being sooooo horny, it did not take long. Thanks!

flufffortner said...

Isn't this the way so many of us sissies started out, though...identifying with sissies without realizing it?