Monday, April 28, 2008

Real Man vs. A Sissy

Jamie Michelle at Sissy School has a wonderful list of "Real Man vs. Sissy"

1. A real man stands to pee. A sissy sits to pee like a girl--and wipes afterwards.

2. A real man doesn't dot his lowercase Is and Js with hearts.

3. A real man doesn't have limp wrists that flail all over the place.

4. If a real man breaks a nail, it's not because they were long.

5. A real man knows how to throw a ball. A sissy also knows how to throw a ball, but it involves dancing.

6. A real man hates to be embarrassed, particularly on matters concerning the status of his masculinity. Whereas a sissy craves humiliation, particularly on matters concerning her lack of masculinity.

7. A real man doesn't pronounce the word "sissy" like "thithy."

8. When a real man walks, he doesn't sway his hips back and forth while taking little, mincing steps. Nor are his wrists limp.

9. A real man does not have a "dildo collection."

10. When a real man puts his hands on his hips, they are not put high on his hips with his hands turned upside down and his elbows back.

11. A real man isn't bothered by the hair on his body.

12. A real man doesn't daydream about his wedding day, with himself in a white bridal gown.

13. If a real man smokes cigarettes, they are not 120s.

14. A real man does not enjoy the flavor of semen.

15. A real man doesn't wear panties.

16. A real man doesn't have a ton of shoes, all of them women's.

17. If a real man smokes cigarettes, he doesn't keep his pack in a little cigarette purset. Especially not a pink one.

18. A real man doesn't believe the old wives' tale that semen is good for moisturizing his face.

19. A real man does not have an alternate "girl's name."

20. A real man does not enjoy having a penis in his rectum.

21. A real man would not like to have a career as a coiffeuse.

22. A real man doesn't have a subscription to Playgirl magazine.

23. A real man does not refer to his anus and rectum as his "boy-pussy."

24. When a real man speaks, he does not worry about whether his voice is "too deep."

25. A real man does not ask for directions. Whereas a sissy wants to be under someone's direction.

26. A real man does not have a Barbie screensaver.

27. A real man does not own a purse, of which he carries on his shoulder whenever he goes out.

28. A real man does not refer to his mouth as a "cock-holster."

29. A real man does not own a ton of nail polish. In fact, he owns none.

30. When a real man leaves home, he does not take with him a 4 oz. tube of K-Y Jelly, just in case he "gets lucky" and might need it. He especially does not carry it in his purse.

31. The color of a real man's toothbrush is not pink.

32. A real man does not read romance novels. Especially not ones from Harlequin.

33. A real man does not yearningly daydream about big, hard, throbbing, veiny penises ejaculating huge jets of thick semen. Especially not if said semen is directed at him.

34. Out of a list of a real man's favorite songs, one of them is not "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.

35. A real man does not have a Barbie poster on his bedroom wall.

36. A real man does not own any Barbie dolls.

37. A real man does't own a Disney Princess calendar.

38. A real man does not have a subcription to Cosmopolitan magazine.

39. A real man's favorite color is not pink.

40. A real man doesn't daydream about his wedding night, wherein he's wearing nothing but white stockings, a garter belt, a leg garter, high heel sandals, and a bridal veil as his studly husband makes him feel like the woman he's always dreamed of being.

Sissy Titties

When I first started dressing all I wanted to do was be a pretty girl.

I was fairly small so being passable was easy.
The next step was getting some Sissy "titties".
I wanted more than anything to have breasts.

Big firm breasts

The kind of breasts that make a guy take a second look.

I didn't want A-Cups

I wanted a full C-cup

of maybe a D-cup
These were yummy!
I wanted my Daddy to be able to spray his load on my boobies!
I wanted to be a titty-fuck girl

Someday my boobs will be this big.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sissy Kiss

How about a big, fat, wet, sissy kiss?

Wanky-wank, Kissy-kiss!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Forced Feminization III

I have been crossdressing since I was 11 years old. I would sneak into my mothers room and pull out a bra, a girdle with garters and a pair of sheer silk stockings. As a hairless pubescent boy I can vividly recall days of dressing and then going to the bathroom to put on makeup to make myself "pretty". I would then rub and stroke myself to orgasm after orgasm and these were the days before my body was even producing seminal fluid so there was no mess. In fact the first time I shot a hot load of cum out of my swollen dick I was wearing a pair of pantyhose and high heels.
For growing up a very closeted crossdresser, I cannot even begin to tell you how aroused I was at the first time I saw the images below. Just finding the Magazine "Forced Feminization" made me realize I was not the only one who felt like this.

I have always loved the idea of being the pretty girl. Sexy, kind of slutty, big tits and with the caged cock.....well that was just icing on the cake. I so wanted to be these women.

Being forced to service a "real man", being made to suck his cock while my little "clitty" was bound and useless.
I loved the idea of forced oral servitude and it made me desire to suck cock even more.

I wanted to have men really desire me, to want me to suck them and to be so aroused they couldn't help but fuck me too.
I wanted my holes filled with cream!
I wanted to be called "A big titted cocksucker"!
I wanted to milk a man's balls until they were dry
This made me want to suck my "Sissy" sisters and that opened a new door as well. Sucking and spurting!
Sucking and fucking!
Waiting for "Daddy"
Letting Daddy spray hot semen on my face, and then asking for more!

Being a very good girl and taking all of that manly cum while my clitty was left to drip.
I realized I was just a receptacle for a man's cum....and I loved !
What are your Faggy stories?