Monday, March 4, 2013

Sissy Feminized Faggot Fuck Toy

I knew even as a hairless pubescent boy that I wanted to be a girl. Dressing in my mothers panty girdle with silk stockings a garter and a bra (that I padded with nerf balls). I would put on mascara,lipstick and rouge and then mince around in front of a full length mirror while my hairless cock would be at full tumescence.  I remember vividly that the first time I ejaculated semen I was wearing my mothers pantyhose. That combination of exhilaration, fear, arousal, humilation and excitement have been forever branded into my brain stem.
I would take a cucumber or a banana and lube it with vaseline and see how far I could penetrate my ass. I knew I wanted a cock to fill my hole and it was only a matter of time as far as I was concerned before I would be taking a real cock.
I wanted to be a Sissy Faggot Fetish Gurl
With an emphasis on the Thithy Faggot part
I wanted to be pretty like this gurl.
I so wanted to have a big set of tits hanging down while I was being pumped from behind.
Photos like this made me so hard!
I wanted to be a big titted slut whose clitty shot copious amounts of "Sissy Cream"Being fucked by a big manly Daddy like this-being his little cockmilking "Fuck Toy".
Or thisI would pray that my clitty would be controlled.
That I would be "Forced" to suck cock-anytime, anywhere.
I dreamed of being turned into a "Gurl"
I decided that semen from the source was what would make me more girlish Sissy Faggot.
And the more sperm I drank the more girlish Sissy Cockmilker I would become.Until I would finally consume so much cum that the boy in me would disappear.
The larger the cock, the more of a Sissy Faggot I could be.

I wanted it all, big tits, a swollen clitty and a fat "real man's" cock in my mouth.
I love the Emasculinization of being forced to suck a dick! Don't you?I started craving "Daddy" dick daily and soon I was on a "liquid diet".I want Daddy to fuck me!Fuck me Daddy!Fuck my Sissy Faggot boi-pussy and fill me with your manly cum!


Anonymous said...

Hey,check out the amazing pictures you'll love it!

Anonymous said...

I had on of those wonderful moments last weekend. I was brushing my hair from my eyes and noticed briefly my long red nails. But what i felt was the shaking of my body and the bouncing of my boobs. The guy i had met a week before had his dick all up in my booty. All i could think of was how good it felt. It's great to be a femmed out sissy.

Southern Sissy said...

Great blog, Liz!

I'm a real ex hetero, cockloving sissy who is deep in the closet.

I found a "straight" mature married man online about five years ago who was looking for regular "no recip" blowjobs. He was my first ... and we got together regularly until he moved from the area.

Tom was a very large, hairy man with enormous balls, and average size cock and "always needed a blowjob". The "natural progression" took place, and after a few months he was cumming in my mouth and I was swallowing his sperm.

I still remember the first time I swallowed his sperm. I had this queasiness, pleasurable feeling of being totally submissive while being totally humilated. I love the feeling, and later realized I'd also lost my manhood.

Well since that time, his sperm was always swallowed ... and he seemed to become much more sexually confident and dominant. He knew exactly what I was and just how much of a cockloving faggot bitch I had become.

I can't explain how much I miss sucking his cock.

My next post will bring you up to date on my search for a new man to service.

Southern Sissy said...

Since Tom, my married friend, left my area I've been looking for another MAN to service on a regular basis. I finally joined a free service "silverdaddies" that specializes in mature men. I tried to make it very clear in my profile what I was all about ... "bottom", etc.

Seems the first couple of men I met really were not as they represented and wanted to suck my cock. I politely told them sucking cock was my job, and ended our meeting.

Then it dawned on me what I really needed to find was a gay MAN who was a bona fide top. This was something I'd never considered in the past, but now seemed to be what I really wanted. Let me give you my thinking on this ... a mature gay top MAN is the penetrator, the MAN, etc. He looks at submissive men much like a straight man looks at women. He is very comfortable being sexually involved with homos, and enjoys having his cock sucked and fucking another man in the butt.

Seemed like a "win win" to me, so I limited my search to those profiles. I also looked for MEN who were larger than myself and over 50 years old. It took a while, because most gay men, even tops, are looking for "manly men" ... but, I have found two who are very interested in getting together, and we will soon.

It seemed once I began to swallow Tom's sperm my self image changed a lot. Here I was, a guy who used to be "hetero" and found faggots disgusting becoming the most disgusting kind of faggot I ever imagined. I used to cum "no hands" as his sperm was filling my mouth ... while thinking how wonderful it would be to have my MAN kissing me passionately.

Here I am a "closet faggot" getting ready to meet a well experienced mature gay MAN who is looking for a male bitch. I'm excited! Each of the MEN I've been communication want to "host" and they both enjoy extended passionate kissing and fondling. It's interesting, but both of them have told me how ~~hot~~ they will make me by extended teasing and licking of my manpussy. They each want to get regular with their "bitch" if things click in the first meeting. (I know they will love our meeting)

I've made it quite clear to them that I'd love to be with them sexually much as a submissive female would be with a horny straight man. I also told them about my intermittant crossdressing episodes ... and, they want me to be wearing panties when we meet.

Talk about being a slut bitch! An older gay MAN who loves manpussy will be my next "regular". This will be interesting, as being homos, these MEN live alone which may lead to a lot of overnighters.

Once this gets going, it may drive this sissy faggot right out of the closet.

Southern Sissy said...

I know how swallowing a MAN's sperm became such a fulfilling experience to me, and completely changed my sexual world. Why ... it's become almost spiritual to stimulate another MAN enopugh to enjoy draining his sex into my mouth and down my throat.

I am really looking forward to being the ultimate sissy faggot and getting my MAN real hard, knowing he really wants to make love to my manpussy. I hope the first time, he has my ankles on his shoulders and his tongue deep in my mouth as he cums.

There will be no chance of this sissy faggot entertaining any thoughts of ever having relations with a woman again.

What is very erotic about this journey is that the two mature homos I've been talking to are from an environment where it is quite normal for men to have sexual relationships. Now, this is a very far cry from visiting a XXX arcade for sex. Each of these MEN seems quite interested in developing an ongoing relationship with a sissy faggot.

What a fate ... to be a cock loving sissy faggot having a relationship with a horny queer MAN!

sissytrudy said...

Gorgeous pictures as ever Lizabeth.Love to view them before a date!They really inspire me to open my thighs and my lips that little bit wider!! said...

another good blog resource tranny blog

you are such a sissy slut

Jess said...

Still the BEST post ever!! Just love it. . .

sissy moan said...

Dear Lizabeth,

i do so agree with you and in fact i recognize myself in every single word you said in this gorgeous post. Just like you i simply needed to slip into my Mommy's lingerie and shapewear and to use Her make-up and lipstick etc. when i was still a little child. And just like you i was wearing Her things when i experienced my very first cummie - only that in my case it was one of Her nighties and i was laying in Her bed.

i didn't use cucumbers or bananas to soothe my burning desire for penetration. But i used a nice pink candle and a lot of vaseline i was "hiding" in my "sissy box" together with some "borrowed" sanatary panties and napkins. And of course i was hoping that i'd be a real shemale one day - and pretty enough to make every real Man as horny as a Male Dog that was smelling a bitch in heat...

Oh my dearest Liz, i still miss to have my own set of big and bouncing tits and i'd love to be set on hormones the sooner the better. But with the help of several Mistresses and especially my beloved Mistress and Wife i was able to become the real sissy maid and baby i always wanted to be - and not to forget a cuckold and fluffer and fuck toy for most of Her Lovers. Yes, i really became the utter sissy i used to dream about. And in fact it was your blog as well that helped me to go on from one sissy tipping point to the next.

Thank you so much,
sissy moan

Johnny Cash said...

je donnerais cher pour me faire enculer par un transexuel, j'aimerais trop etre sa pute

Anonymous said...

Omg, how my clitty just tingles with excitement. Wishing I was chastised, just so I could learn to appreciate it more, without release.:)

Anonymous said...

Its so me now and I love it !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Exhilerating. It's waht we dream of....Your teenage experiences exactly like mine.Great post!

Staci Pennell said...

Years back we didn't call it sissy. We called it pre-op, transsexual, transgendered.

Guessing now that you girls call it sissy.

cockfiendsissy said...

I want cock!!♡

cockfiendsissy said...

I want cock!!♡

Anonymous said...

From the moment I hit puberty I knew I was submissive. I always wanted to be dominated. First by women. Then I discovered that I LOVE to dress. I purged a few times but always went back to dressing. I accepted myself as a crossdresser, now as a sissy faggot. Now I want to serve a Man.

JustALittleFun PrettySoon said...

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Cindy Jones said...

Love your blog Liz, as well as very much enjoyed everyone's stories. N yes I love cock n the thought of being a sissy faggot Ts fucktoy, that's dominated or more controlled is something I wish nnpeay for.

Here lately I have sudden urges to be outed or even blackmailed. But thinking its hard to force the willing. Porn is my life n friend.

kimmy said...

Love sexy sissy would love to take her until she is my slave that cannot get enough of my hot steamy cock