Friday, May 2, 2008

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me hotter than sucking a nice fat cock.
I love getting all dolled up and servicing a nice, fat, swollen Daddy dick
Mouthing a fat headed cock and stroking my sissy clitty!
Feeling Daddy grab my head and force it onto his sperm ladden meat pipe

I feel so sumissive and feminine
The more I suck the more I want
I want semen

I crave semenI love Daddy's creamy load!


Anonymous said...

Honey, i am right with you. I love sucking cock. The days when i would suck any dick any where are over and have been for a long time. However i still love to suck cock. These days it's just one man. He's my daddy and give him the best head he's ever had. When he asked me how i learned to suck cock so good i just told him, "Sissies are natural cocksuckers."

Anonymous said...

Oh YESSS... this is sooo wonderful and so special for us sissssssy girls!!!

You know... I know... how fantastic it is to please HIM and have HIM hold the back of our head... well, PUSH the back of our head... deeper and deeper to please HIM!

Oh it is sooo special... when HE CUMMMMMMMM deeply into sissygirl sucking lips... and spray DADDY cummmmmmm deeply down into sissy tummy!! YES!

It is true.... sisssssssy girls love to suck cock!

Anyone interested????