Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thithy V

Of all the tranny porn out there there is a sub-genre that has fascinated me to no end. That is the Sissy on Sissy porn. Isn't it faggy enough that you girls want to dress like a slutty cock draining whore and service a "real man"?
No!, there is an entire category of you dick drainers who yearn to be feminized. I am talking about the kind of feminization that takes a good afternoon with shaving, make-up, clothes, jewelry, a trip to the nail salon (as a girl) and then you choose to go to a run down motel and play with another pathetic FAGGOT instead of being a "real" girl and finding a man to serve.
How many of you Prissy Fags would rather lick a gurly stick?

Stroking your pathetically tiny "clitty" while playing "sucky-suck"

Doesn't playing with a Sissy make you feel like what a pathetic loser you are?

What a pathetic Cockmilking Fag!
Such a Faggot that you can't even suck dick?
Real Sissy gurls can take care of there men
Real Sissy girls bend over for their Daddy

While you pathetic Fags will take it up the butt from anyone!

Or suck on some other FAGGOTS perfumed sissy stick
Nice work FAGS!, I am sure your mothers would be proud
What could be more submissively pathetic than this? NOTHING!
What a pair of perverts! Who gets to be the cocksucker?
Not pretty enough to suck a "real man's" cock?
The Sissiest of all the Sissy Cockmilkers!
How precious
And sweet!
Kissy-kiss, Wanky-wank!
Who is the bottom?
Sissy Faggots fighting for cock!
Just think, while a sexy Sissy takes care of her man's cock to the balls
Milking his BIG Daddy Cock
Or she sucks his fat rod to completion

You pathetic femmy homo faggots are feeding off of each other
Fighting for the "Snowball"


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Thank You Lizabeth! You gave me such the wickedest BONER with your dirty, faggoty "Thithy V" routine!!!! Left me drooling precum all over my belly and thighs you perverted sexy tranny faggot cunt bitch!!!!!! Yours is my favorite blog y'know!

Lizabeth said...

For fuck sake, am I the only sissy faggot that is posting these days? I need some inspiration girls.....HELP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lizabeth you bitch, I'm doing the best I can! It's your turn again! But yeah, where the fuck are the rest????

Photomorphose said...
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Lassy said...

oh girls, sucking the manly pecker pudding from daddys hard thobbing mancock is what makes daddys little queerygirl want to be as pretty as she can be for her big handsome man. hearing him growl, watching his big unruly pecker jump and drip right in front of her pretty sissy face is so exciting! i don't know why a little sissy would want anything but her big manly daddy man at all, 'cept maybe for some sissy sucking and up the bumybum practice so she's even better at taking her daddys manly babybatter!

sissyjaime said...

love playing with other's so hot

lillywhitesissyfaggot2010 said...

dear liz,

I personally wouldnt ever bother with another sissys pathetic clitty. I only want a real manly mans sperm filled nuts and cock.
after all that's what makes me feel like such a girly faggot. I am so proud of myself today. I have been eating my own sissy cream for one week strait about twice a day. It gets easier every time i bring my sissy cream coverd hand to my waiting painted faggot lips. but I am going to hold of for a week now 1. to see if i can make it a week without playing with my pathetic faggot sissy stick. 2. to see if i will still be able to eat my sissy cream as easily. 3. so that when i do eat it again i will have a weeks worth of yummy sissy juce to enjoy.

Spermy Kisses,

SissyJake said...

I loved this update. I serve my new master every day and night but I also adore the thought of fucking and sucking other sissies like me. Your blog has made me want to post about my own recent sissification. Read it here:

Anonymous said...

OMG awesome--wait, old comments from 2008? Is this a repost?! No matter, I fucking love this shit! Got a wicked boner all over again! Thanks Sissy Cockmilker! More please!!!

sissy moan said...

Sure it's one of the most faggot situation to play with another sissy. But the very best is to be ordered to do so right in front of 'our' Superiors and a BIG audience ... Before we are ordered to satisfy All of Them.

Vicki said...

I am a sissy fag who thinks about sex with other sissies, especially in front of my wife and mommy. Something about being a sissy with another sissy is so hot! I think about our cocks sticking straight out in our panties and pointing at each other. We stand face to face and rub our sissy cocks together. Mommy makes us do it in front of my wife to show my wife what a sissy fag she has married. Mommy makes us kiss each other and suck each other's cock. Nothing could be more faggy than to have mommy show my wife what a queer, sissy fag I really am.

Anonymous said...

i cum in my pink silk ruffles the moment i lay eyes on sissy prissy art.

kisses, michelle

sissyjaime said...

Just an unbelievably, wonderfully, faggoty selection of pics. This sissy would love to see more similar sets.

Anonymous said...

mmmm nice

Anonymous said...

hi gurls...i love your blog Lizabeth. It makes me feeel sooo much sissier. AND....i am posting! Please visit gurls!
Hope you like!

cindy sissy