Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cock Rider

After a hot weekend with my new Daddy I went back and re-read this earlier post I had made. The guy I am seeing is pretty big-6'-4", 225 lbs with a 7 1/2" uncut cock (he grew up in Europe). I felt like such a swishy fag sissy after letting him pump load after load of his manly sperm into my puckered boi-pussy. Over the weekend I spent countless hours with my butt in the air as well as down on my knees draining his hard cock. It made me want to repost this earlier writing (please see the footnote below) with a little update...kisses XXOO-Lizabeth

I am so very happy to hear from all you gay, effeminate sissy sluts. I can understand what you mean when you say that you used to be perfectly heterosexual. But I'm glad to hear that your inner voice won over, so that you could experience the joys of being on your knees, sucking a manly man's stiff cock with your painted lips while you smell the wonderful scent of cock. And so that you could experience the wonderful sensation of having your lower pleasure-hole entered by a hard, throbbing cock; feeling it work its way back and forth inside you, making you feel so girlie.

Being a sissy-faggot is such a wonderful treasure. To be a gay, faggot sissy is such a fabulous, oh-so-girlie delight.

Thank your lucky stars that you're an unmanly, effeminate, gay, homo, queer, cock-loving s
issy faggot! Because in being the faggot sissy that you are, you can experience so many of the feminine joys of pleasuring hard cocks. The smell of cock on your breath, the feeling of a stiff cock in your ass, getting to taste a cock, the taste of a man's semen in your mouth, rubbing semen over your body after your man has shot off--and best of all, feeling the cock as it thrusts back and forth inside your boy pussy.

Oh, girlfriends, you are so fortunate to be a totally queer sissies. You never have to worry about getting pussy, because *you are* the pussy! You don't fuck, *you get fucked*!

You are true cock-rider, and an inspiration to all of us cock-riding sissy faggots! Like me, you're a pansy-faggot cock-jockey. We all adore cock and can't get enough of it.

Enjoy your rides on the cream-filled meat-pony, I know I will!

The above post needs to be credited to its true author Jamie Michelle at Sissy School. She described in amazing detail how this sissy felt-sorry to have not given her credit earlier.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What Daddy Wants

The guy I am dating now has a bridal fetish. He loves having me dress up like a "blushing" bride for him. I get my nails done (long French manicure), special make-up and I have a hair stylist friend who does lots of weddings so I get to take advantage of that. I love spending the day getting ready for my "honeymoon" and my guy is always super excited about our wedding night as well. Last weekend I fucked and sucked him 6 times. The last time he mounted me he told me he wanted to see if he could pump enough sperm into me to get me pregnant. What a yummy thought.Heels and hose for Daddy
Shaved all nice and smooth
Lubed and ready for a big "Daddy" sized cock
I love how girlish and very much like a "blushing bride" I feel, laying back and taking that swollen cock, over and over and over!

One day I know I will start to transition for my guy and go full time.
I want to be able to take care of his cock just like this.
I want his "Pearl Necklace". I want at least D cup boobs.

Daddy has taught me how to perfectly drain his cock
and now he calls me his "Blowjob Queen". I love sucking him for hours on end.
Now I just want to be the perfect "Cock Sheath".
I want him draining load after load of his seed into me.
I love thinking that if Daddy planted is "seed" into me then everyone would
know who Daddies girl (Slutty Bitch) was.
"Make me pregnant Daddy"!