Monday, June 16, 2008

What Daddy Wants

The guy I am dating now has a bridal fetish. He loves having me dress up like a "blushing" bride for him. I get my nails done (long French manicure), special make-up and I have a hair stylist friend who does lots of weddings so I get to take advantage of that. I love spending the day getting ready for my "honeymoon" and my guy is always super excited about our wedding night as well. Last weekend I fucked and sucked him 6 times. The last time he mounted me he told me he wanted to see if he could pump enough sperm into me to get me pregnant. What a yummy thought.Heels and hose for Daddy
Shaved all nice and smooth
Lubed and ready for a big "Daddy" sized cock
I love how girlish and very much like a "blushing bride" I feel, laying back and taking that swollen cock, over and over and over!

One day I know I will start to transition for my guy and go full time.
I want to be able to take care of his cock just like this.
I want his "Pearl Necklace". I want at least D cup boobs.

Daddy has taught me how to perfectly drain his cock
and now he calls me his "Blowjob Queen". I love sucking him for hours on end.
Now I just want to be the perfect "Cock Sheath".
I want him draining load after load of his seed into me.
I love thinking that if Daddy planted is "seed" into me then everyone would
know who Daddies girl (Slutty Bitch) was.
"Make me pregnant Daddy"!


sissytrudy said...

"Ohmygod!" - being Daddy's Sissy Bride is the ultimate!! Pink lipstick and nail varnish,a tiny white bodice,veil,a pretty bouquet!

Southern Sissy said...

Real MEN,that's where it's at for us true sissies, Liz.

I went a long time just blowing a mature, "straight" married man ... until he moved out of town, and I found myself suffering from sperm deprivation.

I seemed to be fulfilled as a sissy with my regular feedings of his semen. However, with each load of his sperm, I found myself becoming more & more female-like in my sexual desires. I found myself wanting to be kissed and fondled by a real man.

When considering how to fill that void in my life, I decided to look for a mature gay TOP MAN. Made sense to me ... a "straight" man would probably just want regular blowjobs, whereas a exclusively gay mature TOP would want much more.

Well, I found several on a site for mature gay men, and finally met my MAN. He is a nice man, and is always horny for mouthpussy and manpussy ... a real "penetrator"!

He is very affectionate, large of stature, hairy ... and has a very pretty, insatiable labido.

Now, I know for 100% sure I am a sissy faggot. I can't seem to get enough of him.

For you blog readers who are "on the fence sissy fags" ... I suggest regular episodes of ingesting large amounts of sperm. It will make up your mind for you.

Try a TOP fag ... they do it best!

Southern Sissy said...

It's me again, fellow sissy fags!

Had another dose of real man sperm last night, and I feel even more sissy, and faggy, this morning.

Ahhh, I made a great choice when I met my new gay TOP MAN lover. He knows exactly what he wants.

After our initial tryst, he told me he would love for me to be totally hairless below my neck. and for me to wear panties and hose, under my "man stuff" when I came over to his house. Seems he had another sissy lover a while back, and has a lot of lingerie and female things in a spare bedroom.

Yesterday when I arrived, he had me take off all my things, except my panties and pantyhose. I couldn't believe how horny he was ... he was kissing me and fondling me like a teenage boy whose hormones were out of control.

Talk about feeling like a "sex object" ... now I know what women are talking about. However, I have trouble understanding why most of them don't like it???

I feel so lucky to have found him. He says he's going to make me love being his bitch so much I will never be able to even contemplate having hetero sex again.

Anonymous said...


I love being a sissssssy in white lace... and making HIM so happy.

I agree that HIS cumm is the answer to being a real sissy and to please HIM.