Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fags Sucking Cock

Personally I love the photos of girls who are marginally passable or who are so over the top with hair and makeup that a single look at them and you scream "FAG".
It gets me hot seeing these sissy fags trying their best to please a real cock(after all, this blog is all about what excites my pervy mind). All of these gurls are good for nothing more than to be used for a cum receptacle.
If any of you fags can remove you hand from your pathetic clits for a second send me some comments about how you have been used for a real mans pleasure and treated like the CUM DUMPSTER that you are.

Here is a pretty girl sucking cock

This girl is almost passable........not!

A tranny trying to please a big dick

What a sissy faggot

A good little dick drainer

Nice look FAG!

What a faggy looking dicksucker!

Another fag sucking cock

Finally, a tranny that looks like she knows how to drain a cock!

Give us your seed Daddy!

Now, this is a perfect dick drainer : o
Spermy Kisses

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who REALLY wants to be a Sissy?

Dressed and anxiously awaiting your boyfriend

Making sure you are perfect for Daddy.

How many of you girls are this committed to serving?

Making Daddy very happy.

Are you really ready for a good hard fuck?

Are you ready to be Daddy's cum catcher?

I know we have many closet Sissies out there, but what I want to know is how many of you have actually spent time with a "real man". Not on chat, not phone sex. I want to know how many of you femmy faggots have actually taken that ultimate Sissy challenge and actually drained a mans cock in your mouth and or pussy.

Care to share girls?