Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Very Big Step

I'm Back!!! Hello all, I have been a very bad girl for disappearing and I do own an explanation...of sorts.
Anyway around the first of the year I met a guy online who is very attracted to feminine girls like me (TV/CD/Sissy). I have been dressing since I was very young and had really considered myself to be a crossdresser or maybe even just bi-curious.
When I met "Nate" I was attracted to his masculinity and also to his outgoing personality. At first we would just go to clubs or fool around with me being his "girl".
As our relationship progressed we started exploring deeper and deeper into kinkier and kinkier sex and I discovered that I was starting to fall for Nate 
like a young school girl would fall for the high school quarterback.
He is a gay top and loves a femmy bottom, he loves kissing and holding me and I adored being the center of attention.
Our time together soon became all the time and I wanted to dress for him full time. I found myself wanting to be the perfect girl for him. I wanted to be able to suck and fuck him all the time, everyday, without exception.I finally made a decision 3 months ago and I went to my Director (high tech company) and asked for my sabbatical. I had put it off for sometime and as of 30 days ago I have a year off.I moved in with Nate and we live in the close-in suburbs and now I am living full time as his girlfriend. As far as the neighbors know, I am just his fashion conscious, glam girlfriend.
My entire day now centers around looking pretty and taking care of my man's every need. Nate is a very horny man and the first order of the day is with me on my knees sucking him to completion. I don't know exactly when it happened but I know I used to enjoy receiving blow jobs, but now all I can think about is how to extract the maximum amount of cum out of my fellas cock. I have stopped think of sex as a man and begun thinking of myself as a proud cocksucking woman
I love to suck his big fat uncircumcised cock
Getting it big and hard in my Sissy-Fag mouth
Taking a hot, milky load down my throat.
In January I went and got a pair of "Ass Antlers" and they seem to have made Nate want to fuck me from behind even more (good investment).

A belly button piercing was next.
Then a requisite manicure
Now bending over for Nathan is a favorite activity. I used to enjoy anal sex, but now I actually, physically crave it. I have actually trained myself to cum from anal stimulation only. I love being forced onto my back and taking Nate's cock as far as it will go into my tight boi-pussy. Feeling him pump, buck and spurt a hot load into me is enough to send me into sissy heaven. Am I a fag or what??

Having my hips grabbed and feeling Nate pump me makes me feel like such a delicious femmy faggot! I want to be his cum receptacle.

I want and need his sperm daily.....

I am actually considering getting my boobs augmented...what do you all think?

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