Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sissy IV

Well, back by popular demand, I present our 4th edition of "Sissy on Sissy"-or as I like to say "Faggot Tranny on Pathetic Sissy Faggot Tranny". Perhaps it would be a good idea to get some lube now so you don't rub those little nubbin's of a clitty all RAW.I don't get it, but some of you would rather be licking, sucking and getting fucked by another Sissy faggot intead of being taken care of by a "Real man".

That's it Fairies, play with yourselves!

Better yet, why not mount up and fuck that Sissy Boi-pussy!

Feeling like a limp wristed FAG yet?

Ready for some Sissy "Cream"?

What a pair of Homo Faggot, Stick licking Sissies!


Shine that fucking meat pole "Bitch"

What a fucking FAG, a fucking, cock-in-her-cheek Sissy Homo!

While most of us want a "Real Man" to serve.

There is a handful of you that want to "smoke" a Sissy's "Clit"-WTF?

Go ahead and stroke it Fairies!

Nice "reach around"

Sissy fairies playing "sucky-suck"

This is how a gurl takes care of her "Real man"

This is how you FAGS butt fuck each other.

Happy Wanking -FAGS!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be a good girl and take It!

I met this guy about a week ago and we talked. He knows exactly what us sissy girls need! He made me SO horny just from talking to him and he finally came over tonight.

I got all dolled up for him.

He wasn't in my apartment 10 minutes and he had my skirt hiked up and my panties off. He made me suck him for a few minutes to get his cock nice and hard. It was so nice feeling that cock sliding in and out of my wet mouth.

I love sucking that big fat rod in and out of my hot wet mouth!
Daddy loves my nails.
I love sucking Daddy hard!

Then he made me get on all fours and he lubed up his cock. I knew this was it! The point where I become a cock-loving slut!
At first it was hard. I had nver been fucked by him before so I was really nervous and tight...not to mention how excited I was! But he was patient and used plenty of lube and eventually his cock slipped inside my sissy pussy! It felt SOO GOOD with his cock slowing sliding in and out of me. He took me doggy style and I never felt so girly and feminine before! I loved the feeling of his hands on my hips and his hairy balls slapping against my sissy ass. I guess he was really horny because I made him cum in about 10 minutes! It feels so good to make a real man cum.

We cuddled on the couch for a little bit afterwards, until he fucked me a second time. I love being a cock-loving slut! I know my place now. My place is on my knees or on my back with a cock inside of me!

I want to get this tattooed on my ass, just so there is no confusion.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Face Fuck-Man Milk

Sometimes I think about spending the entire morning bathing, shaving, primping, getting all powdered and perfumed and made up. Putting on some sexy lingere then being bound by a strong "Daddy" type "Real Man", being given a full dose of Viagra then being forced to suck dick and take cum until my face looked like a glazed donut.
Thinking about how hard my clitty would be with that legendary 4 hour erection and the only relief in sight is sucking cock and hoping for hopes sake that I can cum just by being a good little "Dick Drainer" for my sweet Daddy.

Forced to suck!

Draining Daddy's creamy load

Please Daddy, more !

Cover me with that spermy, creamy, sticky Man-milk!

Spermy Kisses--FAGS!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sissy on Sissy III

Once again by popular request I am posting more of the Sissy on Sissy genre of online porn. Actually I should just call this what it really is: "Pathetic Tranny Faggot on Faggot Porn". I don't know what it is about this stuff but me hit rates go up dramatically when I post this stuff.
So enjoy stroking your pathetically minuscule clits RAW. Maybe if you all spent less time stroking yourselves and more time on your feminine skills you could attract a "Real Man" instead of some Fag in a skirt to help wank you off.
Maybe you can think of me taking a big hard manly dick in my mouth and pussy while the closest you will get to sex is the distance from your undersized clit to the the computer screen.

Admit it, you would love to do this all day wouldn't you?
Nice nails FAG!

Could she be a bigger Sissy FAGGOT?

What a pair slutty Queers.....Isn't it devine to be a homo!