Sunday, December 6, 2009

Real Sissyhood

Once you reach real sissyhood, there is no return to being a heterosexual. The change is irreversible ... regardless of whether you are a practicing, or dormant, sissy.

You will know you have become a real sissy when the thought of a real MAN's cock causes you to get sexually aroused. ... When that thought reminds you of the smell and taste of cock ... and arouses you.

Also, you will never look at women the same way. When you see a sexy female, you will instead of wondering how she would be as a sexual partner, be jealously imagining how you would love to be in her situation ... wearing provocative feminine frocks over a shaved smooth body, wearing heels to make your legs and ass more appealing to a MAN. You will envy her for being able to make all those straight man cocks hard. You will wonder how she can hold herself back from from sucking a lot of cock every day. You know what you would do.

As I mentioned earlier ... your confirmation to this irreversible sissy status is when you begin to ingest sperm and realize you are to be penetrated, and never again will penetrate.

You have lost your manhood. You are of no use, sexually, to women or most men. You are a sexual eunuch whose only sexual purpose is to drain sperm from real men's cocks, and to do it in such a manner they will want you to do it for them again, and again, and again.

It's a nice life once you overcome any guilt you may have regarding your sexuality, and realize how personally, and sexually, fulfilling it is for you. You are a very special person ... and, a top gay MAN will love you for being you. Every real MAN wants his sperm to be deposited inside another person ... You are that person.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pray to God Who lives between the legs of men

Pray to God Who lives between the legs

of men.

Worship God Who lives between

The legs of men.

Devote your heart, mind,

Soul and life to God Who lives

Between the legs of men.

Be simple, constant and prayerful in your life.

Give your life to Phallus and

All sorrow will be as nothing.

Pray for help, for assistance in

The daily burdens of your life and

cock will hear your prayers and

answer them. This I swear to you.

You were born to adore and worship

Cock. Embrace God and your life

Will be illuminated with purpose, your

Path will be clear.

On my knees, in wonder and awe,I give myself to Cock, to

Worship and reverence of Cock As God. I devote my every

My entire life and the Eternal life of my soul to the

Worship of God, to the adoration and Love of God. On my

I give myself to God now and forever.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pretty Sissy

You spend all afternoon getting pretty for Daddy. Perfect makeup and hair.

Hot outfit, sexy shoes, clitty ring, lubed butt plug.

When you get to Daddy's house you want to have him spend some time kissing and cuddling with you and telling you what a dreamy girl you are. The reality is that Daddy has manly needs that need to be met and within minutes of your arrival you are on your knees taking care of them.

A good Sissy will spread her legs and think of Daddy's needs first.

Show Daddy what that boy-pussy is for.

Always remember, you are just a cum receptacle.

Now lick Daddy's cock clean and then suck him hard so he can pump you full of another load of his man milk.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1500 Blowjobs...........What a Faggot!

I just did the math this weekend and I figured out that I have just given my Daddy the 1500th blowjob of our relationship. Think about it, that is two blowjobs a day (I am doing at least that) for about a year and a half. These aren't half -hearted efforts either. I insist that I suck Daddy's cock for at least 30 minutes and he usually is more than happy to feed me his cock for an hour or more. The spell this man's cock has cast over me has turned me from a part time crossdresser to a full time sissy faggot......I am a very lucky girl! In March I reached the 1000 BJ level and this morning I did the math again. I love,love, love suck cock! If you had told me when I was 12 years old that I would grow up to live as a woman and that I would love to suck dick I would have punched you. Even after almost 2 years I still get a wave of humiliation when Daddy tells me to kneel and suck his cock (fortunately the arousal overrides the shame)
It's not a job, it's a LOVE. I really get off making his cock spurt, trying to see how much sperm I can coax out of him (and believe me, this guy can cum!) I know how good it feels to him and I love giving him pleasure! I enjoy having him cum in my mouth (I will swallow every drop a guy can muster) or I also love to have a load blasted all over my face (the bigger the mess the better, I normally will masturbate after receiving a heavy facial).

I want to hear how much you girls.....(errr should I say sissy faggots?) love sucking cock and being your Daddy's blow job queen.


Mewing for cock......
Shoot that hot load Daddy!

Tell me how much you love cock and what a good little girl you are for your Daddy.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sissy Anal Submission

When it comes to being a true "Sissy Cock Milker" the single most submissive, degrading and humiliating act is letting a "real man" fuck your tight "boy pussy" just like he would a genetic girl. It is also the final step to achieving total sissy faggotry
Face it, most of you fags spend a day dressed in your slutty lingere and fetish dreaming ofloading your pussy up with half a tube of KY Jelly then putting a cock shaped butt plug in that hot brown hole
You dress up and prance around.......lingere, makeup, wig, heels
Pretty soon just getting dressed and stroking yourself wasn't enough......was it?

or suck a realistic silicon cock while stroking your pathetic "clitty".Did sucking that dildo drive you over the edge?
Did you suck his cock first?
You did, didn't you? You sucked that studs dick hard all the while he told you what a good girl you were. You wanted to be his "blowjob queen".
How did you decide to final take that bareback cock up you ass and let a real man blow a hot load of semen into your tummy. What drove you to make that final act of sissy submission? Did you think that taking that hot load of cum would make you more of a woman?
I want to hear from you sissies how you finally broke down and realized that instead of fucking women that it was "you" who was going to be the "bitch". Tell me of your hottest, most humiliating ass fucking story and then stroke your little pathetic dick while you look at these hot photos and wish you were the "girl", or should I say "faggot" in the picture.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puffy Lipped Sissy

A few weeks ago I went and got silicone injections for my lips. Daddy was always looking at those hot little slutty cunt with hot little dick sucking lips. The kind of lips that look like all they are good for is extracting sperm from a real mans cock-
I wanted to get a pair of "DSL's" !

I know when guys and girls see my lips they think I am a slutty little cocksucker

................................Like that is a bad thing?
I love the feel of those fat lips sucking my fellas cock

Feeling that fat cock swell as I mouth it and look into my lovers eyes and "tell" him to fuck my sissy faggot mouth
sucking it
Coaxing that rod to hardnessFuck my mouth Daddy!
After 30 minutes of sucking, Daddy blew a hot, fat, spermy load down into my tummy and I thought to myself "what a great investment ". Remember the more cum you ingest the more of a sissy gurl you become. Ready to be a better sissy.........are you faggot?

Saturday, August 8, 2009 you're a Faggot!

Remember when dressing was a private act and all you thought about at work all day was getting out of your "boy clothes" and into some sexy lingere.
The rush of shaving your legs and putting on stockings and maybe snapping a few pics?
Just for fun

Stockings, heels, panties and a rock hard cock........that's just a fetish, you're a straight heterosexual guy.Wig, makeup, nails...........all for fun right? You can stop any time.

1 day a week, then 2, maybe 3..........sometimes more
Photos, chats with guys.........all in good fun, right?

Looking pretty aren't a cocksuckerFurther and further down the rabbit hole.
Finally one night you are dressed and horny and somehow you have gotten up the nerve to actually meet a guy you have been chatting with. Maybe to have drinks and just "talk". The next thing you know is you are on your knees sucking his swollen cock and he is calling you his "Slutty little cockmilker" and to your suprise you are aroused and loving it!
Then a second timeA third and then........POOF!.............Now you're a Faggot