Monday, February 16, 2009

A Sissy Thank You

With the New Year started I find myself in a reflective mood. My birthday is later this month and I come across some photos of myself in my youth. It made me realize that I haven't always been this "Swishy, limp wristed, cock sucking, dick draining,sissy-boi faggot". Getting my makeup on this morning I felt a tear as I wondered where the boy in me had gone.
For those of you who haven't read my blog I need to explain a bit. Up until last year I was a fairly passable tranny with a penchant for glam and extreme feminization. I worked as a man, but dressed as much as passable. The thought of going "full time" as a girl never was a real possibility and then I met Nate. This man completely turned my world upside down and basically has pushed me to dressing full time and basically I have become is wife. Not the suburban housecoat wife, but a very sexy, femmy, swishy, glam, always made up....and sexually available wife.
In exchange for being able to stay home I agreed to quit my job, get my breasts my nails?

get a sissy "tramp stamp"

agree to always wearing heels, hose, short dresses. I cook, I clean, I am the perfect trophy wife and behind closed doors I give this man whatever his heart desires.

When I was in college I dated women and loved to get blowjobs, but now my pleasure comes not from being sucked but by getting on my knees and sucking my guy to completion. at his office
in the elevator

slurping my Daddy's fat rodIn the living room
Kneeling and sucking makes me soooo hot!

Where ever my guy gets the urge
I kneel and take Daddy's cock and drain his manly balls

my sissy mouth is there to provide relief

Thank you Daddy for making my such a lovely slutty girl to serve you better.