Sunday, March 22, 2009

1000 Blowjobs

I just did the math this weekend and I figured out that I have just given my Daddy the 1000th blowjob of our relationship. Think about it, that is two blowjobs a day (I am doing at least that) for about a year and a half. These aren't half -hearted efforts either. I insist that I suck Daddy's cock for at least 30 minutes and he usually is more than happy to feed me his cock for an hour or more. The spell this man's cock has cast over me has turned me from a part time crossdresser to a full time sissy faggot......I am a very lucky girl!

Mewing for cock......

Receiving my yummy sissy-faggot reward!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Milking the Sissy

When I came across this imagery I was mesmerized. I was so aroused I had to show the photos to my Daddy. Guess what, he loves these too! We are now looking for a "Sissy milking machine". Do any of you Faggots have experience or suggestions?

Big, fat, spermy kisses- Lizabeth

Monday, March 9, 2009

Faggot Sissy Cockmilker

When you get down to it the job of a Sissy is to keep her man completely sexually satisfied. Men don't date gurls like us because we are prettier than Genetic girls, or smarter or funnier. Guys don't take us home to their mothers or take us to family events. Guys date us because we are total and utter sluts in the bedroom. The amount of time we get to spend with a guy is directly proportional to how good we can drain his fat, manly , sperm laden, cock. The formula looks like this:

Hours with Daddy is a simple mathematical equation:

(How slutty we are)+(how nasty we are)+
(how much cum we can extract) x
(how often we get Daddy erect)x
(how hard we get Daddy's cock)=Time with Daddy

While many genetic girls won't suck cock, we pride ourselves in being consummate cockdrainers and faggoty stick lickers. We lick, suck, slurp, stroke and do whatever it takes to get a mouthful of "Daddy Candy". The better we are at sucking cock the more dates we get to go on.
Bending over for Daddy is a Sissy's favorite position.
Keeping our boi-pussy ready is merely our job.
The amount of time that goes into perfect hair, makeup, boob jobs and working out to control your figure is just part of the game. And remember, no matter how pretty you become, you will always still be a girly wannabe with a reminder of your days as a boy.
Real girls have 3 holes to fill. They don't have to try as hard as Sissy's do.
Sissy faggots have to learn to be nastier and a better fuck. We have to learn to extract the maximum amount of cum out of our Daddy's cock, because that is what makes Daddy want to keep seeing us.
We have to become "blowjob queens" who not only are skilled, but also get excited when taking care of our men.

Draining that hot load of cum gives us pleasure. The more we suck, the more excited we get and the more our Daddy loves us.
So does becoming the perfect cock sheath.

What makes us feel like more of a faggot than laying back and having Daddy force that lubed dick into us while we submissively take his cock all the way to the balls.
I love it when my boi-pussy puckers and gapes for Daddy.
Being submissive is just part of the deal and my bottom craves being pumped full of cock and the cum that will spurt out of it when Daddy is satisfied.
And watching a guy pump and buck his large cock into me still makes me hot! I love being a Sissy dick draining faggot!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Put it all together and it spells..........Sissy

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