Saturday, August 8, 2009 you're a Faggot!

Remember when dressing was a private act and all you thought about at work all day was getting out of your "boy clothes" and into some sexy lingere.
The rush of shaving your legs and putting on stockings and maybe snapping a few pics?
Just for fun

Stockings, heels, panties and a rock hard cock........that's just a fetish, you're a straight heterosexual guy.Wig, makeup, nails...........all for fun right? You can stop any time.

1 day a week, then 2, maybe 3..........sometimes more
Photos, chats with guys.........all in good fun, right?

Looking pretty aren't a cocksuckerFurther and further down the rabbit hole.
Finally one night you are dressed and horny and somehow you have gotten up the nerve to actually meet a guy you have been chatting with. Maybe to have drinks and just "talk". The next thing you know is you are on your knees sucking his swollen cock and he is calling you his "Slutty little cockmilker" and to your suprise you are aroused and loving it!
Then a second timeA third and then........POOF!.............Now you're a Faggot