Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sissy Anal Submission

When it comes to being a true "Sissy Cock Milker" the single most submissive, degrading and humiliating act is letting a "real man" fuck your tight "boy pussy" just like he would a genetic girl. It is also the final step to achieving total sissy faggotry
Face it, most of you fags spend a day dressed in your slutty lingere and fetish dreaming ofloading your pussy up with half a tube of KY Jelly then putting a cock shaped butt plug in that hot brown hole
You dress up and prance around.......lingere, makeup, wig, heels
Pretty soon just getting dressed and stroking yourself wasn't enough......was it?

or suck a realistic silicon cock while stroking your pathetic "clitty".Did sucking that dildo drive you over the edge?
Did you suck his cock first?
You did, didn't you? You sucked that studs dick hard all the while he told you what a good girl you were. You wanted to be his "blowjob queen".
How did you decide to final take that bareback cock up you ass and let a real man blow a hot load of semen into your tummy. What drove you to make that final act of sissy submission? Did you think that taking that hot load of cum would make you more of a woman?
I want to hear from you sissies how you finally broke down and realized that instead of fucking women that it was "you" who was going to be the "bitch". Tell me of your hottest, most humiliating ass fucking story and then stroke your little pathetic dick while you look at these hot photos and wish you were the "girl", or should I say "faggot" in the picture.


Cassidy Brynn said...

when i was 11 i'd wear my mother's slip and bra and stand in the upstairs bedroom window and shake my pussy to the college boys who walked by my window

when boys spent the night, i seduced them and they would fuck my mouth

sissygirl said...

When I was in college I was caught by a couple of guys who saw my panty lines when I was wearing a pair of tight shorts. They came up to me and called me a sissy and asked what color my panties were. I tried to deny that I was wearing panties but they grabbed me and pulled down my shorts and made me stand there in just my panties and top. Telling me that I must want to be a girl since I was wearing panties. They then forced me to go behind some bushes and suck each one of them hard and then when they were ready to come they each pulled out the waist band of my panties front and rear and jacked off into them. My little sissy cockette was now covered in sperm and it was also running down my bottom pussy crack and pooling in my pantie gusset. They then told me that this is what sissies need is to have their panty full of sperm. Told me to get used to it as I was to become their sissy girl until they tired of me.

Over the next few months they made me move into their apt and become their girl to take care of them sexually as well as do all things girly. I was already wearing panties all the time but now they insisted I wear a bra everyday as well. Going to class at least I could cover them up with slacks and shirt but when I got home I had to change into a blouse or tank top and either shorts or skirt. They made me sleep with each of them every other night and I spent many hours with a cock still up my sissy pussy after they made love to me and had filled my pussy with cum. Waking up in the middle of the night and trying to let the cock slip out of me without waking them. Then I had to sleep in the wet spot.

I’ll tell you more another time as I was taken out all the time dressed in feminine clothes of some fashion and at times had to swish and sway as I walked. They even made me have a period saying all girls have them so, so should I. I then had to buy tampons and pads and feminine spray to use monthly. Eventually I had to wear girls slacks and capries to class; some zipped up the back , others on the side

Tanya said...

You've possibly got the best blog on the internet!

Her Submissive Pet said...

Awesome collection!!!

KK said...

I just posted my first craigslist ad! I am not ready to meet a guy in person yet. So I am only going to chat online with them for now.

asha said...

hi this is sissy amy ok iwill tell you my story its real one ......i met this guy called alex in internet chat room ok .....alex is a german guy he is about 6 feet 1 inch height married his age is 35 i was 5 feet 7 22 when i first met him in chat we loved my pics wanted to meet me .....ok we fixed a date i was so horny 2 meet him so i removed all my body hair did my nails became very soft for my daddy .......i slept with my butt plug on and next day we where suppose to meet and go to his room as his wife is at work .....alex wanted to fuck me badly i use to suduce him in cam he loved me a lot i also told him i am a vrigin he loved it 2...

Then i went i wore a sexy thong inside my male pants and also stockings i wore a padded bra inside my male shrit and i picked him up from his office i brought my dress and make up and wig in a bag so he took me to his room ....he told me to get ready i went took a shower and first did my nails polish and then appiled lot of make like a slut .....then i put on a mini skrit it was black with my white stockings and also a nice pink top with 5 inch fuck me pummps hells and a nice blonde wig .... once i dressed up i invted him to the room he became so horny seeing me he was wearing a small shorts .............

He kissed me like a girl i wanted to dance for him like a belly dancer he became mad for me then he took his huge cock wow i still love it its 9 inch hot rod then he made me suck he became my master he made me suck as he tied my hands behind then came the real test ...
he removed my panties and he made me wear my skrit then he applied some lude and i wanted him to fuck me with condams .but he said he love with out so be fucked me like a real man wow he like a real sissy girl screaming like a little girl then i sat in his lap he gave me a nice fast ride then after 15 mints of sexy fuck he cum in my ass wow so nice i love you alex from there alex became my daddy master

mandiejune said...

yes being a sissy bitch is so good!!!Feeling a real man's hard cock fucking your sissy pussy and feeling his cum filling you!!!!!my sissy clitty never really enjoyed fucking anything but so good to be a sissy bitch!!!!

Lizabeth said...

Cassidy-Don't you love being face fucked?
Sissygirl- I love cum in my panties
Tanya-Thanks sweetie
Her Submissive Pet-Thanks!
KK-You need to suck some cock baby...go for it!
Asha-Love your adventure-would like to hear more.

Bimple said...

You are so brave. I dream of taking a cock, but haven't been able to get the nerve. I love dressing up and thinking about having a cock in my mouth. Someday I will find the right partner.

Sissy Trish said...

Just last night I got a room for my master. I got there before him to get already for him. When he finally got there he stripped down for me and got onto the bed on his stomach so I could massage his sexy body. After massaging him for 15-20 minutes, master had me put on a blindfold and make my way over to him in between his legs. I got to suck master for over an hour and a half! I got to suck and suck, and then master stood up and fucked my face and completely filled my cheek with his cock while I just grabbed his ass! I had him save up his cum for two days before that night, so the first time he cummed it completely filled up my mouth and I swallowed every drop! Master got me to slow down after but to keep sucking, mmm. After a long time of sucking I got master to cum again!

Master says next time that I will suck him off and swallow his cum and then suck him hard again and then he will make me his girl! I'm really nervous about it but so excited at the same time!

KK said...

i posted another one to craigslist, because my first attempt was flagged. it is unfortunate i have to use the nearest city to where i am located, because i don't want to be found out yet. my parents would kill me. and i live in one of the most conservative campuses in my state.

Candy said...

You're so right when you say it's a progression like this.

I'd started off as a crossdresser, then progressed to going out to bars and meeting other girls and admirers. Then of course i'd sucked cock and loved it. That was how I met the man that really made a sissy out of me.

We'd met first at at a local bar, and I'd sucked his cock. It wasn't the first for me, but I wasn't very experienced then. I was still a little afraid of anal and didn't let him fuck me, tho' he was very keen.

His cock was so nice and he was a total stud and I kept thinking of him over the next days. It was 2 weeks later we met again at the same place. He was friendly but didnt seem to want me, much to my disappointment as my heart had totally leapt when i saw him. I guess he didn't find anyone better as he came back to me, and took me to a little alley near the bar and let me suck his gorgeous cock. He wanted to fuck me of course but I was reluctant, and he was annoyed as he told me he loved to fuck little bitches like me.

He told me I was a good cocksucker but if I wasn't going to be more, then it wouldn't work out. He said I wont ask you again but gave me his number and said, 'The only way I'm letting you suck my cock again is if you let me fuck you.' I agreed to his terms but still wasn't sure what to do.

Over the next few days he was always in my mind. I wanted him so bad, I knew I had to get over my relucantance and give him what he wanted. So it was about 3 days later I gave in and called him. He laughed and said he thought I'd hold out at least a week. Then he made me beg him to fuck me, and told me I was goingto be his bitch, which thrilled me so

I saw him later that night. I knelt before him and he put his hands on my head and held me back, asking once more if I was sure, saying once those lips touch my cock, your ass belongs to me. I begged some more and eventually he let me lean in to kiss his cock, then open wide and fill my mouth with his wonderful cock.

After I sucked him good and hard, he turned me round, pulled down my panties, spread my cheeks and lubed me up. Oh my god when I felt the heat of his cock pressing between my cheeks I nearly died. Then when he pushed it into my hole, I thought I had and gone to heaven. I'd never felt anything like it. It was a little painful, but wonderful too, and all the time there was a part of me just amazed that I was actually being fucked like a bitch by a huge cocked stud. He really worked me good and had me panting and screaming in ecstasy as he pounded my little asspussy. He flipped me round in a few different positions, the best being with my legs wrapped around his waist, lifting me off the bed with his
strong arms.

By the time he pulled out, ripped off the rubber, and spunked a huge load in my face I was totally worn out. I couldnt believe I'd put this off so long. As I licked the cum dribbling down my face, he reminded me how relucatant I'd been and told me what a stupid bitch I'd been, then asked me if I wanted it again. Course I said yes, and over the next weeks it become so I wasn't happy without a cock inside of me. I'd become a pussy assed sissy bitch and I'd never been happier.

So you girls that are hesitating, please don't - you so won't regret it.

Tanya said...

You're so right with the bareback thing.

There's nothing more sexy than videos (and there just AREN'T enough of them) where a sexy sissy gets a nice, hard penis inside her, free from a condom.

I like to see her enjoy the ride, hole gripping the penis perfectly skin to skin (it's even better if there's another penis there for her to suck) culminating in her ejaculating everywhere; then you can see the ecstasy on her lovers face - as he pulls out his penis, semen drips from her hole, mingling with her own spent sperm.

who'd go back after that!

sissygirl said...

tanya, nothing like having your sissy pussy filled with cum and then having to control the leaking with a tampon. you will ecome a complete sissy girl for sure

joanna said...

Lizabeth, you have the progression perfectly from fooling around wearing panties as a 'normal guy' to becoming the total sissy, fag who craves cock that I am now.

I started hanging out at a cd friendly bar in the city in which I then lived. I ws still new so would wear panties, bra, woman's slacks and blouse with an androgenous sweater.

Matt came up to the bar and sat next to me, and bought me a drink. I was very nervous, but he was nice. After a while he placed his hand on my back and felt my bra, he smiled and said that maybe we should go some where to be alone. I said ok

We got into his car and drove to a secluded spot and he told me to take off my sweater, unbutton my blouse,and pull down my pants so he could see my bra and panties.After I did so he had me unzip his pants and I got to kiss and suck his beautiful,big cock. He came in my mouth in short order. I was so hot I knew I had to figure out a way to get him to fck me.

My girlish trick was to ask him over for dinner that weekend I am a great cook(I'd make some guy a great wife) He agreed and told me to dress well for dinner

He showed up. I was in my laciest bra and panties, silk blouse, miniskirt, had my longish hair done a little more blond and had full make up.

Cocktails, and dinner were greaT and we were on the couch after dinner. When he kissed me and I put my hand on his cock. He smiled and said "Let me show you how slutty girls like you get fcked" I almost fainted He led me to the bedroom pushed my skiry up around my waist and pulled my panties off. He pushed me to my knees i had his pants off and his cock hard

When he drove his cock nto my well-lubed hole I moaned and knew this is what I wantd for the rest of my life. He came inside while I moaned and screamed like a bitch in heat. It was wonderful Later that night he put me on my back and got to have my smooth legs way up in the air when he did me again

After that night I'd see him every once in a while when he was horny or maybe a little drunk, but I was always happy to be his slut anytime.

He made me understand that I am an effeminate sissy, and love being that

sissygirl said...


once we sissies accept what we are, then we can truly become the feminine sissies we want to be and have a real man treat us like they would any girl.

the feeling of having a warm hard cock inside us and having our man pound into us and fill us with his sperm is the ultimate for this sissy girl

sissyfagcuck said...

i was taught from a very early age by my daddy. I tried the straight make babies time, but i went back to being a cock sucking faggot. my daughters accept me as a sissy cock sucking faggot :)

Maid Lover said...

I CRAVE Anal from my Daddy! It's my special treat for being a good little sissy slut. Thank you for your site lizabeth!

sissy crissi said...

Another wonderful blog entry. I do get that being fucked like a bitch is the final act of submission, but for me it all happened rather suddenly and all together.

My wife had always been the dominant in our relationship, so it pretty much made sense that the day that she came home and found me dressed in her panties and stockings, with one of her dildos in my mouth and the other in my sissy ass, she just took over.

She lit into me verbally with every humiliating outburst she could think of, cock sucking sissy faggot being her favorite. And it wasn't lost on her that the more she abused me the harder my little sissy clit became. She had me get on all fours riught then and proiceeded to fuck my ass with that latex cock until I filled my (her) panties with my sticky cream. We finshed the scene with her stripping my panties and forcing me to lick and suck every last bit of cum from them.

It was a only a week later that I was first fucked by a real man. Sammi had me dress completely, even helped me to get ready. I didn't know of here plans until Rick, a well-built stud from her office appeared at out front door.

I tried to hide, but she would have none of that. She insisted that if I wanted to dress and act like a fucking cunt, it was time I knew what it was like to be fucked like one.

She made me answer the door, curtsey, and immediately after closing the door, drop to my knees and beg Rick for his cock. I trembled and shook as he led me to release his 8 inches from his pants and moments later I had my painted lips wrapped around my first hard cock.

I found out that I was a natural born cocksucker. I loved being filled with cock, and without gagging took his full length. While Sammi cheered me on, shouting over and over what a cocksucking cunt I was, I stayed focused and sucked and slurped until Rick fed me his thick, sticky load. I swallowed it all and licked him clean.

Before the night was over, I sucked Rick's wonderful cock two more times, the second time finishing with a nice fucking. With my legs bouncing in the air over his shoulders, Rick took my anal virginity as he pounded my sissy pussy with his hard cock and left his manly seed dripping from my oozing hole.

I've craved cock ever since that night. Few have been as beautiful as Rick's, but I've loved every one of them.

Sissy Fiona said...

Once I discovered the thrill of the internet I joined some Yahoo groups and made contact with an admirer who stayed locally. We arranged to meet so he booked a room in a hotel for us.

I arrived first and made myself into the prettiest sissy I had ever been. I was totally shaved, fully made up, painted toenails, long false fingernails and a beautiful long wig. I wore my sexiest outfit - sheer hold ups, sheer panties and bra, short tartan skirt, white blouse and a sexy school tie to complement the outfit.

When he arrived he wasted no time in getting me to work on him. I sucked his cock, kissed him all over, tongued his balls, and rubbed myself all over him like a bitch in heat.

Finally the time came for him to make me his and he slowly rubbed my pussy with KY before easing his finger inside me. Before long it was replaced with his cock and at long last I was made a complete sissy when he blew his load inside me.

You know it's true what they say. You never forget your first....

Tiina Kaarina said...

Actually anal submission is easy, that is after you get your first prostate orgasm through dildo/plug use.

Easy method is to wank normally with dildo/plug on your hole, when you are on the edge, stop using your hands or other help in the clitty, instead move your hips and enjoy the dildo/plug, continue moving during orgasm and enjoy your first true milking.

After that experience you really want all kinds of cocks all the time in your sissy fuckhole.

Tina wilsons said...

I have enjoyed dressing since I was 13, but knew there was something feminine, at 8, staring at blue leotards.

My story follows your timeline. I am going on my 26th hour inpink lace Bra & Patnies, thigh highs-fishnets, 4 inch blak slingbacks, large heavy semi-precious stone necklace, 4 inch earings, wig, plugged pink nails.

I use water ballons as forms because they jiggle and heave like real ones,I guess what do I know.

Isucked my one and only cock at 16. He was gay i was curiousand guilt ridden. I began anal penetration at 19 back up against the wall feet above my head, jerking my cum into my mouth,mmmmmm.

I dream about being fucked by a man but have hesitated, i love my dildo and plugg collection and can take 8 to 9 inches of a 2 headed dildo, with ecstasy. I beleive anal orgams are much more poewerfuland satisfying then being sucked or wanked.

I shot so much more cum, and alot farther from an anal orgasm. i love everthing about being feminine, especially nails-pink, very slutty.
Thank you for your collumn and keep on writing thank you AliciaWannabe

Tina wilsons said...

I have enjoyed dressing since I was 13, but knew there was something feminine, at 8, staring at blue leotards.

My story follows your timeline. I am going on my 26th hour inpink lace Bra & Patnies, thigh highs-fishnets, 4 inch blak slingbacks, large heavy semi-precious stone necklace, 4 inch earings, wig, plugged pink nails.

I use water ballons as forms because they jiggle and heave like real ones,I guess what do I know.

Isucked my one and only cock at 16. He was gay i was curiousand guilt ridden. I began anal penetration at 19 back up against the wall feet above my head, jerking my cum into my mouth,mmmmmm.

I dream about being fucked by a man but have hesitated, i love my dildo and plugg collection and can take 8 to 9 inches of a 2 headed dildo, with ecstasy. I beleive anal orgams are much more poewerfuland satisfying then being sucked or wanked.

I shot so much more cum, and alot farther from an anal orgasm. i love everthing about being feminine, especially nails-pink, very slutty.
Thank you for your collumn and keep on writing thank you AliciaWannabe

Anonymous said...

Being dressed fully as a slutty sissy and having my first man was like the best sex ever. It was so thrilling to finally suck on a real cock and hearing him moan, getting him so hot, that he had to stuff my pussy with his big cock, which I was wanting just as bad. The deeper and faster he went, the more I bucked and moaned in pleasure. When he finally came in me, it was such a wonderful feeling and since have had more of the same, including facials and swallowing. This is the best sex I have ever had, I just love being a sissy

racine99 said...

I have very nice cock..i am vey kind fair polite..sensitive..i am looking for a nice sissy...pls write me to

Unknown said...

i love being made a sissygurl whore by my Mistress/Wife.i have been out for almost 4 years now.i planned to come out after i retired but She made me come out while i was still working.Turns out that was the right decision.Since She has collared my life has been so much better.Being publicly honest about being a sissygurl has calmed me so much.

soupdee said...

Was about 8yo when my father, yes father dressed me in my sister's clothes she was a year younger was to young to understand at the time but do remember getting caught by my uncle not long after that with my cousin's dress on by the time i was 12 would jerk off with playmates and they would rub their cocks on my ass (no penatration) then i remember at about age 14 or 15 seeing a black man stroking his cock at a urinal in a bus station bathroom, i knew right then and there i was to suck it and did. Its now many many years later i'm a crossdresser (dress everyday) and for my a typical day starts early in the morning guys begin to call or text or email to see when they can come over or if i can stop by them, I am and always will be a faggot sissy cocksucker, made to be used by real men of all ages shapes and sizes, i dont ever say no to sucking a real man's cock no matter what the time or where i am or need to be, i've even gone to all black neighborhoods in the middle of the night (2am, 3am) dressed to please a black man or men. There is never a day that goes by that i dont get multiple loads of cum down my throat or in my ass or face. I love my life love being a faggot and enjoying so much cock all the time.

Rubão said...

Delicia de cu linda,quero lamber tudinha e socar essa pica até o saco,que tesão gostoso,beijos....