Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puffy Lipped Sissy

A few weeks ago I went and got silicone injections for my lips. Daddy was always looking at those hot little slutty cunt with hot little dick sucking lips. The kind of lips that look like all they are good for is extracting sperm from a real mans cock-
I wanted to get a pair of "DSL's" !

I know when guys and girls see my lips they think I am a slutty little cocksucker

................................Like that is a bad thing?
I love the feel of those fat lips sucking my fellas cock

Feeling that fat cock swell as I mouth it and look into my lovers eyes and "tell" him to fuck my sissy faggot mouth
sucking it
Coaxing that rod to hardnessFuck my mouth Daddy!
After 30 minutes of sucking, Daddy blew a hot, fat, spermy load down into my tummy and I thought to myself "what a great investment ". Remember the more cum you ingest the more of a sissy gurl you become. Ready to be a better sissy.........are you faggot?


Rita Mondray said...

A miss cue?

Her Submissive Pet said...

OMG ... the third picture from the top is so HOT!

mandiejune said...

Yessssssssss so hot and yummy being a puffy lipped sissy!!!

sissy crissi said...

Ummm, I luv the next to the last pic. Hot bitch with an even hotter cock to worship!

Anonymous said...


sissy moan said...

Ooooh my Goddess!

i feel so irresistible thirsty when i'm looking at this post! Yes, i really, really need to suck Your wonderful Cock now Daddy! ... so please, please feed me as soon as possible, will You?

samislut said...

such beautiful pics, my little sissy clit {7.5") is rock hard looking with lust and envy at them. sins? gods sperm will wash you clean, SUCK COCK, IT'S GODS WILL.