Friday, October 23, 2009

Pray to God Who lives between the legs of men

Pray to God Who lives between the legs

of men.

Worship God Who lives between

The legs of men.

Devote your heart, mind,

Soul and life to God Who lives

Between the legs of men.

Be simple, constant and prayerful in your life.

Give your life to Phallus and

All sorrow will be as nothing.

Pray for help, for assistance in

The daily burdens of your life and

cock will hear your prayers and

answer them. This I swear to you.

You were born to adore and worship

Cock. Embrace God and your life

Will be illuminated with purpose, your

Path will be clear.

On my knees, in wonder and awe,I give myself to Cock, to

Worship and reverence of Cock As God. I devote my every

My entire life and the Eternal life of my soul to the

Worship of God, to the adoration and Love of God. On my

I give myself to God now and forever.


Rita Mondray said...


Miss MT said...

wow - i love that prayer! and i love the image of our God you have provided too!

joanna said...

its true it is a god i kneel before as often as i can

ltbd said...

I love it and i am a faggot too

angel_louise said...

I just had to sign up for an account to leave a comment, i love this blog, everything i read is everything that i want, early days yet!

Anonymous said...

it's me angel_louise above, i had some sort of problem with that acct, registered now, and love to hear from all :)

Talvenada said...

Hi, Liz:

You only have 1 photo claiming to be you, and you never say if any other photos are you.

I'm a guy, don't dress up, am not one of the girls, and understand that you have a lover.

I find that photo of you to be so irresistibly cute, and I would love to see another photo of you. You don't have to be naked or doing it.

You look so fetching with your pink eyeshadow and blond hair, kissable lips and femininity.

So, please, can you give me another something, including your face and hair.

French kisses,


Talvenada said...


Do you find being face fucked less degrading than fucked in your bottom?


Talvenada said...


Sorry, I've had 2nd thoughts that I might have alarmed you needlessly.

I'm a member of trans ladyboy forum.

You can read my posts (299 of them) if you want to see who complimented you. I'm mostly under the shemale-chat section.

That's all it was was a compliment.


Sara said...

Please Post Moar.

carlakiss said...

I love your site. You are an inspiration for me. And this pray will be my only religion...
Please post more

carlakiss said...

I love your site. You are an inspiration for me. And this pray will be my only religion...
Please post more

sissycumslutmegan said...

you have shown me the one true religion. i've said this prayer every chance i get since i saw it.

Anonymous said...

i pray a lot lately thanx to you

samislut said...

homosexual masturbation is absolutely holy. universal communion. let us all stroke our cocks in total reverence. become one with GOD!!

lorenqt said...

I love worshiping cock.

Anonymous said...

best thing ever ! amen !

Anonymous said...

Omg, just makes my clitty dance and tingle as well as I'm rubbing my nipple and shivering.

I so need help, as I know it's these Hypnos.

Anonymous said...

I apologise lizabeth, for I do love cock. As well as love the facial you put forth.

In same essence I was curious if one new how to bear my new thought process is all. I'm glad for you in that your happy in your new and wonderous life. What scares me the most. Is that I could be quite happy in your shoes or heels.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to beat Hypnos as mine us worse