Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feed Me Daddy

Daddy, you know how I love to kneel and suck your fat cock. It makes me aroused to see the look in your eyes as I swallow your dick and feel it grow in my sissy mouth. I feel like a sexy sissy fag when you say "Suck it bitch"!
Oh Daddy, I want to suck you
and make your rod hard
Please let me suck you to completion and get my reward
I know I'm a sissy faggot, but this is my job.

I will stroke you and suck you

Just feed me some sperm

Fill my mouth with that warm manly seed
Please Daddy, feed me, I do need your cum
I'll swallow your load and be more of girl


pinksissy said...

Another lovely post sis. I always feel like such a little faggot looking at all the pictures of hard cocks and imagining it was me on my knees sucking them. Hopefully soon I'll have a Daddy of my own to feed me warm cum. I've only recently acknowledged being a pantywaist, and it truly is liberating!

MacD said...

When I first started reading this site I was torn..I thought I was a real man. Now I am sitting here in my Victoria's Secret dress and panties wanting to suck a real man's cock. I no longer desire to please a woman...instead I have accepted that since I got drunk and first sucked a =nother mans rod and ingested his sperm and then had a nice hard cock spew man juice into in my tight virgin fuckhole this past summer I am not any longer able to call myself a real man...now I am trying to come to terms that I am a sissy faggot slut who longs to worship cock.

sissy moan said...

Wooooow sissy,

i really, really love your posts!

you show me that i'm on the right way on following my sissy desires. i'm a sissy cum slut like you and i love to see my Daddy spurting right into my face and to swallow all that He likes to feed me!

Thank you so much!

sissycrissi said...

Just lovely Lizabeth, and so appropriate. Yes, please Daddy, I need your manly cum to feel whole. Feed me, fill me, fuck me! I will worship your cock and never leave a drop of your precious seed to waste.

kelly_slut said...

mmm love seeing all those spurting cocks... just wish they were all spurting in my mouth one after another, feeding me like the sissy cumslut i am :)

sissygirl said...

Oh I just love your blog. you bring out the best is us sissies and seeing these pictures of us sucking a hard cock makes my sissy pussy quiver

Anonymous said...

I am a sissy faggot who just loves to suck, lick and drink cum from a Real Mans cock so Yummy

David said...

Third from the bottom is my favourite, but its ALL GOOD!

Ariana said...

Visu want to drink this sperm because that is so testy.Phone Sex

Ariannami said...

Lovely post... I'm curious... When did you KNOW you were a cock craving faggot? Personally, I am sooooo confused. I definitely "feel" a female inside me wanting to come out and play. I experience all I can, privately and love it soooo very, very much! As another blogger online has said — I may have gone down a rabbit hole, from which there is no return. Great web site!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post yet again!

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melissat said...

Just love your blog. Its changing my life. Just have to service those men and keep them happy more often. Just have to be the cock loving sissy faggot slut I am. How lovely. How hot.

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