Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beautiful Cock: Tuesday Cock

Beautiful Cock: Tuesday Cock
Awesome!-This site makes me crave my Daddy's cock.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sissy Submission

Don't you feel so much more comfortable with yourself knowing that you're a bona fide cock-rider? I know with me, it feels so good to give up any pretense of being a "man," and to just totally give in to my feminine desires. It's such a burden off my shoulders, and I feel so much freer. I don't have to pretend that I'm manly any more. And all those societal implications about crossdressers wanting suck dick, and all that, no longer bother me, since I've become comfortable with sucking cock, and so I don't have to fight against such notions any more.

I love sucking a big, fat, swollen cock.

Taking that dick past my gag reflex. Getting it hard and wet.


And I know quite well what you mean about hung men. I'm a bit of a size-queen myself. Ooooh, God, to have a big, stiff cock working my boygina over feels divine. I feel so blessed to be a cock-riding sissy-faggot, so that I can partake of such pleasures.

Isn't that such a totally emasculating experience? To be mounted by a potent man; to feel his hairy chest with one's nail-painted hands; to kiss him tongue-to-tongue, just feels so utterly femmy. All the more when one's smooth-shaven legs are up on his shoulders while he drives home his long, thick ramrod of rigged man-meat.

And it feels so wonderful knowing that I'm bringing him pleasure using my insides. My body is wrapped around his manly tool of pleasure, working it to get him off inside me. Knowing that I'm bringing him such erotic satisfaction makes me feel so good.

Not to mention how sexy it makes me feel to be able to get men hard for me.

Plus, with men, one is never in doubt as to whether one has gotten them off, as they spew their wonderfully creamy cum when they orgasm.

Thank you Daddy!