Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sissy Anal Submission

When it comes to being a true "Sissy Cock Milker" the single most submissive, degrading and humiliating act is letting a "real man" fuck your tight "boy pussy" just like he would a genetic girl. It is also the final step to achieving total sissy faggotry
Face it, most of you fags spend a day dressed in your slutty lingere and fetish dreaming ofloading your pussy up with half a tube of KY Jelly then putting a cock shaped butt plug in that hot brown hole
You dress up and prance around.......lingere, makeup, wig, heels
Pretty soon just getting dressed and stroking yourself wasn't enough......was it?

or suck a realistic silicon cock while stroking your pathetic "clitty".Did sucking that dildo drive you over the edge?
Did you suck his cock first?
You did, didn't you? You sucked that studs dick hard all the while he told you what a good girl you were. You wanted to be his "blowjob queen".
How did you decide to final take that bareback cock up you ass and let a real man blow a hot load of semen into your tummy. What drove you to make that final act of sissy submission? Did you think that taking that hot load of cum would make you more of a woman?
I want to hear from you sissies how you finally broke down and realized that instead of fucking women that it was "you" who was going to be the "bitch". Tell me of your hottest, most humiliating ass fucking story and then stroke your little pathetic dick while you look at these hot photos and wish you were the "girl", or should I say "faggot" in the picture.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puffy Lipped Sissy

A few weeks ago I went and got silicone injections for my lips. Daddy was always looking at those hot little slutty cunt with hot little dick sucking lips. The kind of lips that look like all they are good for is extracting sperm from a real mans cock-
I wanted to get a pair of "DSL's" !

I know when guys and girls see my lips they think I am a slutty little cocksucker

................................Like that is a bad thing?
I love the feel of those fat lips sucking my fellas cock

Feeling that fat cock swell as I mouth it and look into my lovers eyes and "tell" him to fuck my sissy faggot mouth
sucking it
Coaxing that rod to hardnessFuck my mouth Daddy!
After 30 minutes of sucking, Daddy blew a hot, fat, spermy load down into my tummy and I thought to myself "what a great investment ". Remember the more cum you ingest the more of a sissy gurl you become. Ready to be a better sissy.........are you faggot?