Sunday, December 6, 2009

Real Sissyhood

Once you reach real sissyhood, there is no return to being a heterosexual. The change is irreversible ... regardless of whether you are a practicing, or dormant, sissy.

You will know you have become a real sissy when the thought of a real MAN's cock causes you to get sexually aroused. ... When that thought reminds you of the smell and taste of cock ... and arouses you.

Also, you will never look at women the same way. When you see a sexy female, you will instead of wondering how she would be as a sexual partner, be jealously imagining how you would love to be in her situation ... wearing provocative feminine frocks over a shaved smooth body, wearing heels to make your legs and ass more appealing to a MAN. You will envy her for being able to make all those straight man cocks hard. You will wonder how she can hold herself back from from sucking a lot of cock every day. You know what you would do.

As I mentioned earlier ... your confirmation to this irreversible sissy status is when you begin to ingest sperm and realize you are to be penetrated, and never again will penetrate.

You have lost your manhood. You are of no use, sexually, to women or most men. You are a sexual eunuch whose only sexual purpose is to drain sperm from real men's cocks, and to do it in such a manner they will want you to do it for them again, and again, and again.

It's a nice life once you overcome any guilt you may have regarding your sexuality, and realize how personally, and sexually, fulfilling it is for you. You are a very special person ... and, a top gay MAN will love you for being you. Every real MAN wants his sperm to be deposited inside another person ... You are that person.