Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cock Worship

How about some cock worship? Just click the word "cock" and be prepared for a nice little sissy suprise.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Masthead Photo

Are you gurl who will be the next Sissy Cockmilker?

Happy New Years gurls! or should I say "Sissy Fags" instead.
Well, I think it is time that we have a true Sissy Cockmilker displayed on my blog Masthead.
I am going to hold a contest and see which of my group of sissy, effeminate, faggoty, fairies comes up with the winning photo. *NOTE: This photo does not have to be of you, it just needs to be worthy of adding to my fagalicious site.

Email me at:

I will insert the winning photo and give you a little write-up.
The picture has to be a sissy and it will be hotter that the current photo.
Lets see what a sexy bunch of "pole smokers" we have reading my blog.

Good luck-

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cock Sucking Sissy Faggots

Cocks come in all shapes and sizes-that is what we love about them.

We all spend so much time shopping, dressing and primping so we can end up on our knees at the end of the night paying tribute to a "real man's" cock.

The truth is we have always been a bit different and maybe if we had cocks like these we would be getting pussy instead of being pussy.

Black guys seem to love humiliating sissy's.

I personally love black dick.

Coaxing a hard-on and then showing what a good sissy cocksucker I am.

Delicious and uncut.

Don't fight the urge, submit to it.

Worship that manhood.

After all , this is really all we a good for. Remember, we don't get pussy, we are pussy.