Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sissy Transvestite

Being a sissy transvestite is a state of mind, first and foremost. I always think of it as "thinking pink."
It's an identification with the female persona, and a little bit beyond. Soft, smooth, frilly. A desire to be compliant; a yearning to surrender, to be used and to please, but in a feminine persona.
It's perfume and lipstick and face powder. It's arched eyebrows, mascara and eye shadow.
Frilly curls and smooth satin and varying shades of pink and purple and lavender. It's a bent wrist and a soft giggle. It's a mince in your step. It's doing what you're told, and with a smile and a thank you. It's being the best entertainer you can be, and being grateful for the opportunity. It's letting the man you're with knowing you belong to him completely by satisfying him in every way you possibly can. But most of all, it's reveling in the knowledge that this is what you are and being thankful for every opportunity to express yourself, thusly. I have finally accepted my true inner self .

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Are you ready ?
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Anonymous said...

Great post, love the pics, and you're so spot on with your thoughts. I'm totally obsessed with fantasies about my first sissy seeding, desperate for it to happen but terrified at the same time, knowing full well that it would seal my fate as a cock-craving sissy slut for the rest of my days.

Sissy Rina said...

Lizbeth. I adore your blog. Im sitting here waiting for daddy lubed warm, dressed and pretty. If Im the compliant little slut I am, daddy will shoot his wonderful wad of sperm deep in my ass and after licking him clean i get my mouthfull..mmm Im such a little daddys girl cum slut. your blog turns me on so much sweetie. anyway daddy will commind in a few minutes. in more ways then
kisses and happy cockriding Rina

yoshi said...

Great post and pictures.

sissy moan said...

Lizbeth my dearest,

once again what you are telling is just what i feel. Being a sissy *is* a state of mind. And if we are willing to accept our undeniable sissy nature we will be able to find our true inner self in submitting completely to our Daddies.

And christine: you are absolutely right that your first sissy seeding will seal your fate as a cock-craving sissy slut! i have been seeded by the a Lover of 'my' Mistress first. And along with this He not just put me onto my proper place for 'His Wife' - He also helped me to accept my role as Their devoted sissy maid and fuck toy. So yes: there's really NOTHING more demaling and sissifying than being seeded by a real Man!

sissycrissi said...

Another wonderful post Lizabeth. As always, I read your post and somehow I feel even more what a totally pathetic little cum-craving sissy cockwhore I am . . . and it gets my clitty hard ad a rock. What a fucking cunt!

And Christine, you're so right, and the sad truth is that there's nothing you can do about it. You will suck cock, and you will feed on manly cum, and you will NEVER be able to get enough. Like Lizabeth said -- it's who we are.

Anonymous said...

Christine, once that first cock slides into you you're done, you're turned. You'll want to be on the end of a dick from that time onward. That's what happened to me. The first time i got dicked it changed my life. Now i love the feeling of a cock up my booty as i'm bent over and spread open.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been made a complete sissy yet, but everyday I dream about getting on my knees for a man, sucking him... getting his cock big and hard and throbbing... and then being told to get on all four... feeling him pull down my panties and slap my ass with his hard cock before slipping it inside me! I can't wait until that happens so I will know that I am a complete and utter sissy faggot and my purpose is to please men!!!

pinksissy said...

Hi Lisbeth, loved your awesome post. It makes me think about all the stuff I've done and all the stuff I want to do.


I've gone as far as sucking a cock and letting him squirt his seed into my mouth (yes, I swallowed it like a good little fairy), and I have to say that I can't stop thinking about them now. I've switched over to looking at pictures of men and their big hard cocks.

I'm only halfway there, I'm looking to find the right man to bend me over and put his cock into me from behind. Then I'll be a 100% certified panty-waisted sissy faggot.


lillywhitesissyfaggot2010 said...

Hey liz another great blog entry from you. I am deffinately ready for some seed. Hey would you do me a fave and check out my latest post and tell me what you think? As a femmy faggot follower of yours, I value your oppinion rather highly.

Spermy Kisses,

Jelissa said...

I don't know what to do right now. My s.o. found out about my longings and desires by running across my computer files. I've promised I would stop...and I've been able to stop for nearly two months, but I keep being drawn back. I visited a TS friend of mine several days ago, and she said that what I really need is a good fucking, and has invited me over to join her and a couple of her friends tomorrow. I'm so lost as to what to do. Part of me wants to stop, but I don't seem to be able to.....

greenhawk46 said...

love those t-girls, so pretty and exciting
xxxx Jim

mysster said...

wonderful material. love the 'frozen-in-time' cum shot (just at my cheek!)

samislut said...

yes!yes!yes! i'm ready,--i'm in love with the girl in pink, second from the top. so beautiful and sexy--oh my! what a cock, can't tear myself away. i love your blog.

samislut said...

i had to come back and gaze at my true loves face and masturbate while looking at her fabulously sexy cock, wishing she would face fuck me, call me her sissy pussy-boy and cum in my mouth. yum-sami.

sissyfagcuck said...

super post girl, I'm in chastity and naked waiting for my man to come home. I'm lubed, butt plugged and ready for him. He'll drop his clothes by the door as usual and I'll kneel down to take his cock. Easing him into the weekend we call it. If I'm a good girl he might let me cum this weekend


Anonymous said...

Visual and written poetry. Fabulous posting. The core statement on the joys of transvestism. Fabulous posting.

Anonymous said...

I can never stop my desires of being dressed up in my panties and girl clothes. I am a sissy and thats all there is to it !! I service real men and I am ok with it now, they see me as a sissy faggot which I now admit I am !

Daddy said...

I've been with Jasmine before and she has helped me be the sissy faggot I was meant to be. She is my Alpha and my bottom is owned by her!!!