Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Boyfriend

How long have you thought about it? Days? Months? Years? Decades, even?
When was the first time the forbidden image entered your mind, the first moment you imagined a man inside you?
How did you react, to the realization that fantasizing about a man using you sexually was thrilling, seductive, sexy, fascinating, titillating?
Have you been confused, all these years, wondering why, when you find women so attractive, when the thought, the reality, of fucking a woman is such a turn on, the vision of a man taking, fucking you and making you suck his cock is something you've masturbated to time and time again.
"But I'm not gay."

Of course you're not.........

But still, you think about it, don't you?

Don't lie. Don't lie to me. More importantly, don't lie to yourself.
You still think about dressing up for a man, doing your best to be as feminine as possible, as feminine as he is masculine.

You fall asleep dreaming about it.

You wake up thinking about it.
I know.

Because, I dream of the same thing.
I fantasize about the lingerie I'm going to wear.

I dream about the disparity of power, he, so masculine, me, so feminine.
I think about it because I know, I understand, that this is the only way I can be as feminine as I can be.
What will it be like, beneath him, feeling his taut skin, his muscles, his strength, his body, his power.
What will it feel like, physically, emotionally, when he presses against you, pushes into you,
opening you, filling you, making you feel and be, a woman.

Yum, many thanks to Saragirl at Saragirl's Sissy Confessions, she provided the text (I tweaked it a bit and added some pics). Hope you Faggots enjoy it.