Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Boyfriend

How long have you thought about it? Days? Months? Years? Decades, even?
When was the first time the forbidden image entered your mind, the first moment you imagined a man inside you?
How did you react, to the realization that fantasizing about a man using you sexually was thrilling, seductive, sexy, fascinating, titillating?
Have you been confused, all these years, wondering why, when you find women so attractive, when the thought, the reality, of fucking a woman is such a turn on, the vision of a man taking, fucking you and making you suck his cock is something you've masturbated to time and time again.
"But I'm not gay."

Of course you're not.........

But still, you think about it, don't you?

Don't lie. Don't lie to me. More importantly, don't lie to yourself.
You still think about dressing up for a man, doing your best to be as feminine as possible, as feminine as he is masculine.

You fall asleep dreaming about it.

You wake up thinking about it.
I know.

Because, I dream of the same thing.
I fantasize about the lingerie I'm going to wear.

I dream about the disparity of power, he, so masculine, me, so feminine.
I think about it because I know, I understand, that this is the only way I can be as feminine as I can be.
What will it be like, beneath him, feeling his taut skin, his muscles, his strength, his body, his power.
What will it feel like, physically, emotionally, when he presses against you, pushes into you,
opening you, filling you, making you feel and be, a woman.

Yum, many thanks to Saragirl at Saragirl's Sissy Confessions, she provided the text (I tweaked it a bit and added some pics). Hope you Faggots enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

So true - loved it

Anonymous said...

So true - loved it

sissyjaime said...

lovely lizabeth...hope to someday be someone's little gurl.

Anonymous said...

You always express feeling that are the same as mine!

bubblepopmei said...

such an elegant post.. I feel the yearning so powerfully and you echoed my feelings so well here.

Anonymous said...


That so describes my feelings. I've always wanted to be the one on the receiving end of a big thick cock, to know what it feels like to be filled by one.
Next week I hope I'll finally find out.
I've been planning my outfit for when he comes to visit and have a nice dress and heels to wear. Now I just need to find some sexy, virginal lingerie to wear with it.
He knows what I'm planning to wear as we've discussed it. What he doesn't know it that I'm planning a little surprise and intend to get a sexy babydoll to changing into for when I drag him upstairs to take me and make me his gurl.

susanrhodes said...

it was that long ago - i cant remember when i first imagined it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a story,and yes I luv a great big cock inside of me!

Vicky said...

Yes oh yes every night and day I dream of this and when it happened and he said I love you as his cock thrust into me I was born again viva la femme

NikkiByNight said...
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samislut said...

you sure know how to arouse my sissy cock.

NikkiByNight said...

Oh no!! I've had a bimbo moment. My sincere apologies, lizabeth, for miss-spelling your name, twice. How embarrassing! Please let me repost, with corrections.

NikkiByNight said...

I discovered your blog at the end of last year, at about the same time I felt an awakening in myself of yearnings that I had supressed for a very long time. I had been fantasizing about and watching lots of T-Girl porn, but it's not a coincidence that when I read your blog the first time, and then was drawn repeatedly back to it, that I relaized that I wasn't just watching T-Girl porn because I wanted to be with a T-Girl, it was because I wanted to be the T-Girl! I wanted to be the pretty pantied blonde servicing the men, sucking on their stiff cocks, and offering myself as a sissy slut slave to them. A few months later, Nikki emerged, and my transformation began. I do still dream of worshipping women and other T-Girls, but I quiver at the thought of being possessed by a man who will use me as he likes! Thank you, lizabeth, for helping me to be free, that and, the HOT! pics you post, and the intensely enfemming words that leave me feeling so much more girly. Please, please, keep posting your wonderful and inspiring blog!
<> <> <>

sis said...

oh yes! nothing like the feminine sissy feeling of having a hard man cock enter you and bring u to the untimate femine orgazm

Anonymous said...

I finally had a man go inside me, it felt sooooo good to be completely power less once he was inside, feeling his big thick cock going deeper and deeper. It hurt a little at first but soon I couldn't help but moan and move my ass with the rhythm. It felt sooo good I even cummed while he was sliding it in and out. It was very embarrassing but now I crave it everyday! I love being a Sissy slut for a real man!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, sissy. Some real truth there. I can certainly confirm that I've seen it in sissies of mine over the years.

Keep up the hot and sissy work, slut! (I mean that in the best of all possible ways...)

Again Mr Frost

Dark Heathyr said...

So very true, and so very appropriate. I see so much of myself in this post. Thanks!

litttle miss sissytits said...

OMG i so get it. When a big strong Real Man makes it clear he plans to take charge because He's so strong and powerful and i have no choice but to please him, then i can't wait for him to make me suck his manly cock and show me who is the Man and who is the Man's sissy slut.

Ariannami said...

Mmm Hmmm. My thoughts exactly! Thank you!