Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I have been channeling my inner bimbo lately

I have decided that Shauna Sands is my new role model
Skinny, tattooed, botoxed, fake tits.....oh how those suburban housewives in my neighborhood would talk when I go to the store dressed like this

Stripper stilettos and dressed to kill at all times
Since it was Father's Day yesterday I decided to wish my fella a very Happy Father's Day. My guy wants a biological child and it is the one thing in my life I wish I could give him.
I got all dressed up in the morning and then spent the afternoon working load

after load.................
after hot, creamy
milky load

Last night just before bed I sucked him rock hard and then I told him in my most effeminate voice that I wanted to be his "bitch" and I wanted him to "breed me" and put a baby in my tummy. This led to some really nasty, hot fucking and Daddy told me he was going to keep fucking me bareback until I was pregnant.

Oh, how I want that to happen.......


samislut said...

i'm confused, who's male, who's not, somebody please stick their cock up my ass and fuck my pussy until i don't care anymore.

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