Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Cocksucker's Pledge

As a Cocksucker, I realize my place is at the feet of my Feeder.

As a Cocksucker, I realize my sexual fulfillment depends on the
pleasure I give my Feeder

and his generosity in allowing me to gain
nourishment from him.

As a Cocksucker, I realize my only real sexual organs are my mouth,
tongue, and throat.
As a Cocksucker, I realize my only need is to pleasure my Feeder. When
I am at my true place between his legs

As a Cocksucker, I solemnly vow, without hesitation or regret to...
Possess a willing mouth

Know I belong on my knees in the presence of a true Feeder

Accept my Feeder's milk, his nourishment, his cum, in any manner my
Feeder requires
Give my Feeder my best, for this is what he deserves for allowing
me to nourish myself

Maintain such focus on his cock and his pleasure that it becomes
the center of my universe

Choke when he expects me to
Learn when he needs me to suck, swallow, gag, stroke, and choke
without having to tell me
Know my place in the world and love and embrace being a Cocksucker,
as this is the only way I can perform to my Feeders satisfaction
Make my Feeder moan
Accept that my Feeder is allowed to say whatever he wants or call
me whatever he wants while I am pleasuring him
Show my addiction and need for my Feeder's cock and cum by begging
for it if need be...for a Cocksucker has no pride

- Make my mouth a willing and anxious hole for his nourishing seed

- Wear my Feeder's cum with pride
Learn every nuance of his cock and what pleasures him the most
Never bite unless my Feeder desires it
Surrender to deep throating

Surrender to face-fucking

- Surrender to multiple cocks or being used

- Never stop until my Feeder is finished with me and truly satisfied
- Be ready for my Feeder at any time, or multiple times

As a Cocksucker, my sexual identity is tied to the cock of another
I know that in life I will only achieve fulfillment through the
graciousness and charity of my Feeder and hereby vow with all
sincerity to service my Feeder to the best of my ability and strive to
improve my technique.
The consequences in breaking this contract will
result in my spiritual, sexual, and physical starvation.
A true sissy need to consume semen, lots of semen

Won't you feed me?

Latex Fuck Doll

I stumbled across some images the other day that got me so hot I had to share them with my Daddy (and you as well). Remember those not so long ago days of innocence when you first discovered you weren't like the rest of the boys?
Do you remember playing with girls instead of boys?

Now you can actually become that ultra femmy, slutty, girls toy.
Just think, a latex body suit, makeup, wig, nails, sexy clothes
A bit more makeup and some lipstick
Now you're ready to give a real man a blow job

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bra & Panty Sissy Faggot - m4t, t4t, t4w - 49 (Portland)

I came across this ad today on craigslist:

Bra & Panty Sissy Faggot - m4t, t4t, t4w - 49 (Portland)

Long time tranny admirer and crossdresser. I love TV/CD/TS imagery as well as fetish clothing and the kink that goes with dressing. I love dressing and then edging my clitty for hours until I finally spew a hot load of boy juice.
I Love lingere, hose, heels, corsets. Would love to meet a like minded individual.....M/W/TV/TS who is into kink, verbal, some humiliation and who is also discreet.
Would love to learn to be a hot little suck & fuck slut. I would also like to learn to do makeup and expand my wardrobe. I think it would be delicious to have a sexy woman
take me with a nice big strap-on in my boi-cunt. Will someone help make me a sissy faggot?

Every once in a while I see an ad that makes my sissy heart go pitter-patter. Personally I love seeing these faggoty ads. They reinforce that once you start down the sissy path you will never really break away from it. Here is a middle-aged TV/CD who I am sure at times would strongly profess to be straight. By the look of the ad it appears that if he gets his wish then he won't have to worry about getting pussy, he will be pussy. Also, if he gets his wish then the only debate about what is straight will be how long and straight that cock was going into to his mouth and boi-pussy.
Why don't some of you write our little friend and give him some encouragement. Be sure to tell him what a hot little faggot he is