Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sissy Transvestite

Being a sissy transvestite is a state of mind, first and foremost. I always think of it as "thinking pink."
It's an identification with the female persona, and a little bit beyond. Soft, smooth, frilly. A desire to be compliant; a yearning to surrender, to be used and to please, but in a feminine persona.
It's perfume and lipstick and face powder. It's arched eyebrows, mascara and eye shadow.
Frilly curls and smooth satin and varying shades of pink and purple and lavender. It's a bent wrist and a soft giggle. It's a mince in your step. It's doing what you're told, and with a smile and a thank you. It's being the best entertainer you can be, and being grateful for the opportunity. It's letting the man you're with knowing you belong to him completely by satisfying him in every way you possibly can. But most of all, it's reveling in the knowledge that this is what you are and being thankful for every opportunity to express yourself, thusly. I have finally accepted my true inner self .

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Thithy V

Of all the tranny porn out there there is a sub-genre that has fascinated me to no end. That is the Sissy on Sissy porn. Isn't it faggy enough that you girls want to dress like a slutty cock draining whore and service a "real man"?
No!, there is an entire category of you dick drainers who yearn to be feminized. I am talking about the kind of feminization that takes a good afternoon with shaving, make-up, clothes, jewelry, a trip to the nail salon (as a girl) and then you choose to go to a run down motel and play with another pathetic FAGGOT instead of being a "real" girl and finding a man to serve.
How many of you Prissy Fags would rather lick a gurly stick?

Stroking your pathetically tiny "clitty" while playing "sucky-suck"

Doesn't playing with a Sissy make you feel like what a pathetic loser you are?

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Such a Faggot that you can't even suck dick?
Real Sissy gurls can take care of there men
Real Sissy girls bend over for their Daddy

While you pathetic Fags will take it up the butt from anyone!

Or suck on some other FAGGOTS perfumed sissy stick
Nice work FAGS!, I am sure your mothers would be proud
What could be more submissively pathetic than this? NOTHING!
What a pair of perverts! Who gets to be the cocksucker?
Not pretty enough to suck a "real man's" cock?
The Sissiest of all the Sissy Cockmilkers!
How precious
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Who is the bottom?
Sissy Faggots fighting for cock!
Just think, while a sexy Sissy takes care of her man's cock to the balls
Milking his BIG Daddy Cock
Or she sucks his fat rod to completion

You pathetic femmy homo faggots are feeding off of each other
Fighting for the "Snowball"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daddy's Favorite

Sometimes I hate this bitch, but she happens to be Daddy's Favorite T-gurl. Kimber James is such a hot little slut...............and I want to be just like her : )
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