Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of the main reasons I enjoy sucking cock is basically the fact that I'm a giver.. I have ALWAYS enjoyed pleasing someone else. My own pleasure has always been secondary and still is. Besides, I'm easy. Really, I get OFF on getting my partners off. I've always felt that in order to be a truly accomplished 'cocksucker' you have to REALLY REALLY like it. Not just a little bit, not just as a secondary thing to having sex with someone, it must be the focus for you and your prime sexual objective... I THINK I exhibit all of these traits. In short, I REALLY get off on it. There are times that the JOY of sucking is so overwhelming, I feel like I have small, multiple orgasms, every time a cock slides down my throat, everytime I hold someones cock in my hands.. I'm so perfectly happy having my 'guy' lay back and enjoy... There's no need for reciprocation I AM just a happy little cocksucker.. Shoot, go ahead and watch TV if you want, drink a beer. I'm perfectly happy just slurping away.. I'll let ya know when you're done As I've said SOOO many times before, I just LOVE the whole act. I love it when my lover is dressed and I get to undress him, first with my eyes, then for real. Slowly, unzipping his pants.. The anticipation is almost completely overwhelming for me. Usually by this time, my own dick is rock hard and dripping pre-cum.. Reaching into his pants, feeling for his cock, pulling it out... (I'm almost cumming just writing this btw) In the case of a new lover being 'surprised'... Seeing it's length, it's width, it's shape.. Is he cut/uncut? Big/small? It's all good to me.. (There's NO such thing as a bad cock as far as I'm concerned btw) All of this combines to literally send my insides into a total sexual 'frenzy'. (Kind of like a Shark Frenzy but without the teeth) The sensuousness of this entire act is totally amazing and completely off the charts for me. It's so intimate, so giving.. I find it funny that almost every woman I've ever talked to about this subject has said at one point in time that wanting to have your cock sucked is an act of total selfishness. Well?? So fucking what? If you lover is truly your LOVER, isn't that what it's all supposed to be about? Giving yourself over to another person? Being there for HIM, caring about HIM, putting yourself and your needs secondary? (Women just DON'T get it do they?) And of course, he doing the same for you.... As most of you can understand, sucking cock is very much like being a kid in a candy shop if you will. So, while I am in fact a giver, sucking cock for me is also somewhat of a 'selfish' act, at least from the standpoint of the incredible enjoyment that I derive from it. Of course, in addition to the act of sucking cock itself, I really do get an extreme amount of joy and pleasure when I look up at my lover and see him writhing in ecstasy, or hear him moaning uncontrollably. I feel his cock taking on a life of it's own in my mouth and jumping across my tongue, throbbing and quivering in the throes of orgasmic bliss, cum welling up from deep inside his balls, feeling that initial twitch and throb, knowing that a load of hot-white sperm is heading my way, evidence of another job well done I just LOVE that. That get's me off just as surely has someone stroking or sucking on my cock does. Sometimes, even more because for me at least, it's the stuff that my very own fantasies are made of. I guess this is the crux of the matter right here. As some of you are aware, I spent the better part of 40 years dreaming about the day when I could finally touch another mans cocks. Suck on another mans cock. Once I took the 'plunge' I quickly realized that it wasn't for nothing that I had fantasized about it my entire life. I LOVE it. The taste, the smell the feel EVERYTHING about them. All those images of cock, fueled my fantasies for decades and now, they continue to so but in a much more real way. Those fantasies in turn fuel my libido. It's a perpetual motion type of thing... I can't live, one without the other, each pushing the other... Obsessed is a perfect word for this because that's what I am. Obsessed. If I could, I'd suck off every single guy on this entire planet and still come back for more.. Insatiable.. Glorious cock. Hard, throbbing, 'veiny', leaking cock. Soft, spent, flaccid cock. Semi-erect cock. Love em all. I really enjoy that moment in time, after my lover has blown his load, when his cock goes soft and it finally calms down, taking him in my hand, feeling that incredible softness and wrinkly, spent sexuality, just lying there. Cupping his balls, feeling them move around, reloading.. I love running my tongue over his soft cock and sucking it's head into my mouth with a loud SLURP if he can stand it, then playing with it and slowly but surely, feeling him getting hard again....... I just LOVE sucking cock!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sixteen Reasons to own a Sissy

1. She can't get pregnant.......even if she wishes she could
2. There's no difficult 'time of the month'
3. She is less emotional and more rational than 'real' females
4. Unless she has had the 'op' she can't fake orgasms
5. She knows what a man really likes

6. She offers versatility and variety; top or bottom
7. She is usually more attractive and takes better care of herself than 'real' females
8. She will do all your housework
9. She will cook and serve your meals
10. She will serve your dinner guests above and below the table
11. She will be the source of entertainment for your guests after dinner
12. You can lend her to your friends
13. She will moan and cry just like a female when she is fucked
14. Her pussy will be tight and smooth
15. She will never say, “Not tonight, I have a headache”
16. After you use her for your pleasure she will always say “Thank you”