Monday, January 17, 2011

Sissy Tessie Sac

As a true Sissy I think we need to acknowledge what makes us "sissy" girls different from genetic girls. As a sissy we can dress like girls, wear makeup like girls, god knows we can act more feminine than girls and for the most part we can suck dick better than genetic girls. What sets us apart is our "tessie sac". You know, your former balls. If you have been taking hormones they may have shriveled up but the guys I date and talk to prefer a girl who is pre-op. Almost all the guys I date are complete masculine tops and what they love about a girl like me is bending me over and seeing that tessie sac hanging down. They tell me it gives them the control and the ability to remind their sissy that she was a former boy, who now is a girly wanna be. Guys love the control and I adore the humiliation.

Spread your cheeks for Daddy

Your pussy is so dilated and ready.

Don't you all adore this, being mounted by "Daddy"
All smooth and shaved.
Just because you are erect doesn't mean you get to cum.
Taking "Daddy's" manly sperm

Be a good gurl and suck "Daddy" hard so he can fuck you like the bitch you want to be.
Be a good sissy and drain Daddy's manly balls.

Bend over.

Be a good girl for your Daddy and your pussy will eventually look like this. Isn't that what you want a perpetually lubed and stretched hole for Daddy to pump his cum into anytime he wants?
I would love to hear from you other sissy's....that is if you can take your manicured hands off your clits long enough to type a response.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Faggot Maker

Oh my, when I first came across these comics my clitty sprang to a 4-hour Viagra-like erection.
These black on blond bimbo comics still make me want to suck endless amounts of swollen, big, black dick. I just love how John illustrates pretty girls sucking cock. If you click the photos you can get the full sized illustrations. Those always make me wanna suck black cock.
Take look and let me know what you sissy faggots think of John Persons "faggot maker" site