Friday, August 19, 2011

You Want To Be Her

I was in my early teens when I sucked my first cock. From my earliest memories I always wanted to be a woman. I loved being pretty and feminine and the color pink was my favorite. I started crossdressing when my age was still in the single digits.
Once I started dressing and having crushes on boys I was lucky enough to meet a neighbor boy who would become a "secret" boyfriend and my journey to feminization had started in earnest.
My boyfriend John was like any other boy his age.....young, dumb and full of cum.
I spent that first Summer draining his cock as often as he could get hard....4-7 times a day. I loved taking that spurting cum into my feminine mouth.
Sucking, licking, stroking and milking that luscious manly flesh pole.
I was convinced that if I sucked enough cock I would actually become a girl. Seeing the pleasure I could give by kneeling and taking a man's cock in my mouth was a drug for me.
If sucking cock makes you more of a woman I am getting closer and closer to my ultimate goal.