Saturday, November 26, 2011

Only a Sissy Knows

Getting dressed in lingere, doing your nails, makeup and perfume.
Feeling you clitty tingle for hours as you edge yourself while getting dressed.
Those stockings are so smooth and your heels so high. Dressing is like a powerful intoxicant-a drug that makes you want to suck dick!

Of late I have been obsessed with other gurls -smooth,fem,sissy girls like myselfI want to be mounted by a femmy, hot, faggoty sissy. I want to feel the fat mushroom head drilling my boi-cunt- I want to feel that sissy stick explode into my boi-cunt-
Maybe that will make me more of a gurl

I want a hot sissy clitty in my boi-pussy

I want to stroke a smooth sissy stick
How naughty and delicious-like a real girl
I want to be her bitch
Some sweet sissy clitty docking
I want her to tell me to: "Suck it Bitch"Smoke that pole! You want that sissy cream!


Tanya Heather said...

Feminization is the ultimate high, and a good dose of cum is the only thing that keeps the addiction manageable.

I love the desire to submit to another sissy - that is the ultimate submission!

riki_sissy said...

Love your collection of pretty sissy pictures and the text makes me so horny!

Vicki said...

Oh Lizabeth, I love this post. It's one of the best posts I've ever seen on Blogger. I'm a sissy faggot like you and the idea of being a faggot with another sissy is making me so hot--it's all that I can think about. Because I'm not a woman with a real pussy I don't deserve a real man's cock. I want to kiss another sissy and rub my pantied cock against another sissy's pantied cock. And I call think about lately is being a gay sissy faggot with another sissy in front of my wife and her friends! I wear my wife's panties and bras whenever she is not home. It's so humilatingly naughty and hot to think about doing this in front of her. I feel so faggoty lately that I want to love another sissy in front of my wife: this would involve sucking each other's cocks and I especially want to lick a sissy ass in front of her. I can just imagine being on my back with another sissy's cock inside my sissyass, the sissy's tongue inside my mouth, and my wife looking at me right in the eyes.

lissie said...

Hi sweetie, so true! I'd love to play with another hot sissy like you:) thanks for all your lovely posts, they totally keep my panties wet xxx lissie

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog hun...

dont leave it so long until your next post!

Kara x x x

Sissy Maid said...

Amazing post. Love the Prissy Sissy cartoons

jellybean said...

Absolutely love all of the pictures and cartoons. Its ALMOST like I am really there sucking those cocks.

for the first time in my life I feel like getting a cock to suck.