Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sissy Clitty

Is anything as pretty as a nicely shaved cock peeking out of some lingere?

All nice and perfumed and swollen
So pretty.......caged up
This will keep you from playing with yourself
Don't those panties feel delicious?
Such a pretty clitty

Nice landing strip

Don't those nails make your clitty tingle?
Don't all sissies love stroking their clitty?
Time to spew some of that nasty boi-juice.......time to become more of a girl
This is normal.........right?


lyall said...

i love cum!... i love this cock!! :D

Cashcooper said...

I love cock in lingerie, love to suck them all!!

David said...

The first photo is magnificent.
The Cock is large & fully erect.
It has beautiful lines and contours.
It is oiled and ready for action.
Moments later it will be expertly stroked
and spurt out several jets of Hot, Sticky Cum.
Shall we say four pulsations....

Anonymous said...


PrettyPinkSissyBoy said...

There is nothing hotter than a sexy shaved sissy clitty poking out of some sexy panties or naughty lingerie. Mmmmm so hot!!!!