Saturday, November 26, 2011

Only a Sissy Knows

Getting dressed in lingere, doing your nails, makeup and perfume.
Feeling you clitty tingle for hours as you edge yourself while getting dressed.
Those stockings are so smooth and your heels so high. Dressing is like a powerful intoxicant-a drug that makes you want to suck dick!

Of late I have been obsessed with other gurls -smooth,fem,sissy girls like myselfI want to be mounted by a femmy, hot, faggoty sissy. I want to feel the fat mushroom head drilling my boi-cunt- I want to feel that sissy stick explode into my boi-cunt-
Maybe that will make me more of a gurl

I want a hot sissy clitty in my boi-pussy

I want to stroke a smooth sissy stick
How naughty and delicious-like a real girl
I want to be her bitch
Some sweet sissy clitty docking
I want her to tell me to: "Suck it Bitch"Smoke that pole! You want that sissy cream!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fetish Crossdresser

Stockings, panties, maybe a sexy bra

Some makeup
Feeling your clitty swell
You knew you weren't a faggot, this was just for fun
This isn't abnormal
Can't a guy shave his balls?
Isn't it okay to get an erection while wearing slutty women's clothing?
Go ahead and stoke know you want to, it's okay to wear women's clothes and masturbate.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cock Worship

The key to a happy relationship
Do you think this is too obvious?

Cock Worship Hypnosis -
Go ahead and click the link........faggot


For sure, sucking a man's big virile cock is wonderful, but there is so much more to being a beautiful feminine sissy.
Learning to look, dress, and act as a beautiful lady
and passing as a beautiful feminine woman is also part of being a sissy, and pleasing handsome masculine men.
Paying special attention to hair, makeup and clothes
Using your femininity to be alluring to him, and turning him on in the ways a beautiful feminine sissy pleases her man, etc.
as well as giving him the most incredible blowjobs, those are the things that bring a man back to his lovely loving sissy-boi.
A great set of tits and now you have achieved your sissy dreams........Hope you're happy as a butt-fuck slut!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sissy Clitty

Is anything as pretty as a nicely shaved cock peeking out of some lingere?

All nice and perfumed and swollen
So pretty.......caged up
This will keep you from playing with yourself
Don't those panties feel delicious?
Such a pretty clitty

Nice landing strip

Don't those nails make your clitty tingle?
Don't all sissies love stroking their clitty?
Time to spew some of that nasty boi-juice.......time to become more of a girl
This is normal.........right?