Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blowjob Queen

I am so very happy to hear from all you gay, effeminate sissy sluts. I can understand what you mean when you say that you used to be perfectly heterosexual. But I'm glad to hear that your inner voice won over, so that you could experience the joys of being on your knees, sucking a manly man's stiff cock with your painted lips while you smell the wonderful scent of cock. And so that you could experience the wonderful sensation of having your mouth filled by a hard, throbbing cock; feeling it work its way back and forth inside you, throat fucking you, making you feel so girlie.

Being a sissy-faggot is such a wonderful treasure. To be a gay, faggot sissy is such a fabulous, oh-so-girlie delight.

Thank your lucky stars that you're an unmanly, effeminate, gay, homo, queer, cock-loving s
issy faggot! Because in being the faggot sissy that you are, you can experience so many of the feminine joys of pleasuring hard cocks. The smell of cock on your breath, the feeling of a stiff cock in your ass, getting to taste a cock, the taste of a man's semen in your mouth, rubbing semen over your body after your man has shot off in your sissy-faggoty mouth

Oh, girlfriends, you are so fortunate to be a totally queer sissies. You never have to worry about getting pussy, because *you are* the pussy! You don't get sucked, you do the sucking!

You are true jizz junkie, and an inspiration to all of us pole smoking sissy faggots! Like me, you're a pansy-faggot cock-jockey. We all adore cock and can't get enough of it.

Enjoy your gettingyour "Daddy candy"from the cream-filled meat-pony, I know I will!

Say ahhh......faggot!

Pole Smoker
Blowjob Queen
Sucking the chrome off of a tailpipe
Knob Gobbler
Dick Drainer
Jizz Junkie
Cum Receptical

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sissy Faggot for a Black Daddy

Oh my, doesn't this make your clitty hard and your mouth water? Have any of you sissy girls ever had a big, black Daddy?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shasta Blowjob

 Shasta has been a longtime favorite of mine and my boyfriend. We both love how she loves to suck cock and my boyfriend also loves the over the top bleach blonde hair and slutty ghetto talon nails. Sometimes when I am feeling extra nasty I will copy her makeup, hair and nails and spend a long afternoon performing as my own "Daddy's" blowjob queen.
I love being his little dick sucking bitch.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maximum Cum Extraction

The biggest part of what I love being a full time gurl is that I don't have to think anymore. Sure, I have to think about what to wear or what I am going to make my guy for dinner, but I don't have to fill my pretty head with those silly balance sheets, budget projects or quarterly number. Now that my mind is free of those "manly" thoughts all I have to do now is think of ways to show my man I appreciate him.
How about a sissy blowjob Daddy?

Slurp......Mmmmpphh, MMmmmphh

Yummy for my tummy
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Let me mouth your cock Daddy

From Blogger Pictures
Tonguing Daddy's Cock

Time for a throat fuck?

Can I be your Maximum Cum Extractor
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sissy Ass Fucking

What is still the most Sissy and humiliating act you can perform. Yes, it is the act of getting that boi-pussy lubed and stretched and ready for a big "Daddy-sized" "real-man" cock. Forget the fingers or dildos. All of you wanna-be Sissy Faggots need to learn the pleasure of pleasing a real cock.

Getting ready for a reaming
Ready to stretch that boi-pussy?
YUMMY!-Stretch that brown hole
Yeah Baby!
A Sissy insertion
Sissy ass fuck!
Good girl!
Pleasing Daddy. Bend over and take it like a girl would
Take that load bitch!
Now you are truly a FAG!
What a nice big load, who wants to eat the cream pie?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5000 Gallons of Cum?

I ran a post about 2 years ago and I realized just now I had made a serious miscalculation.
I realized that with over 2 million hits that you sissy faggots have shot enough gurly spew to fill the below dairy tank (fitting since you all want to be milked).

As I posted yesterday I am seeking donations so I can dedicate more time to this blog.
Since I have done so much to help you Sissy gurls relieve that boi-juice, I would love to see you show me how much you appreciate what I do for you. Keep in mind, the more $ I get, the more I will blog......Show me how much you like stroking to the naughty material I post for you all.

Well, I just want to give you all the rundown on how successful you have all been this past 4+ years. I did some research and the average ejaculation for male (sissy faggot in this case) is about 10cc's. Since it takes about 3785 cc's to make a gallon and I have had over 2,000,000 hits..........and I have no doubt you all jerk off to my blog. My calculations show that you productive little group of cum spilling fags have produced 5160 Gallons of ejaculate.......nice going faggots!

By the way, I did the math with my Daddy and I am working on draining my 12th gallon of semen from his manly, stud balls (yummy!). Also, I always swallow : O

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello gurls! I just added a PayPal donate button to my sissy blog. I have almost had 2 Million hits since I started this endeavor for my boyfriend. If you all enjoy my posts show me some love. If I can make a little more from my blogging I will have time to write more sissy posts. How much do you all like me?

Happy Valentine's Day

A card is passe'

Show your Daddy how you feel

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Say: " I love you" with some blowjobs

Don't you think a dozen is the right number?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sissy Fountain of Youth

From Blogger Pictures

I know as a group all of you sissy faggots remember the first cock you sucked to completion. It is fun to remember the extreme mix of excitement, fear and humiliation you felt, isn't it?
I knew as soon as that hard dick unloaded in my mouth I was not destined to be a manly man. My destiny was to serve "real men".
This hard and spurting phallus has become my Fountain of Youth.
Please write and tell me your experiences.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sucking Cock

I think sucking cock is one of the great pleasures of life . I think it is normal and natural . I even think that cock suckers may be healthier than non cock suckers .
I enjoy giving head .To me a cock is best towards the end of the day after a shower in the morning and a little sweat during the day . I like it to stink like that strong male scent a little . The smell is intoxicating . I enjoy sucking and licking and get my nose under the balls as well as the cock itself . I also enjoy tongueing the head with a flicking motion and sticking my tongue in the crack on the head of the cock . The best part is the warm creamy reward at the end . After giving good head I like my face to smell like cock . Weird but very sensual.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 Reasons to date a Sissy

1. Your real girl friend or wife spends most of her time wearing pants, sneakers
(or flats), a tee shirt and a scowl. Your sissy girlfriend wears high heels,
pretty dresses or skirts and sometimes nothing but a bra and a smile!!
2. Sexy lingerie. Your sissy girl friend will love to model sexy lingerie for
3. Your sissy girl friend does not think giving you a bj is demeaning or
degrading. She will be proud to kneel in front of you and yes - she SWALLOWS!
4. Your real girlfriend probably thinks anal sex is painful and nasty. Your
sissy girlfriend will actually BEG for it and moan with pleasure as you shoot
your load into her. Always ready to have anal sex.
5. Costumes? Your real girlfriend probably calls you a sick pervert if you want her
to dress up like a hooker, schoolgirl, playboy bunny or French maid. Your sissy
girl friend will enthusiastically submit to your desires!
6. Your real girlfriend probably thinks you watch too much sports. Not your
sissy g/f though. She will make snacks, serve drinks and give you a nice,
relaxing bj during halftime or the 7th inning stretch.
7. Your sissy girl friend will never get pregnant and take you to the child
support cleaners.
8. Your sissy girlfriend will not nag. Her favorite expression is "yes, sir."
9. Is your place a little disorganized? Your real girlfriend probably calls you
a slob. Your sissy girlfriend will be delighted to come over and clean it up and
she will wear a cute outfit doing it.
10. Your sissy girlfriend loves to cook, do laundry, run errands and take care
of YOU! And if you have friends that wish to share , she willingly let you pass her around.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Oh my, I have not idea what took me so long to discover the wonderful world of Tumblr, but I finally opened an account today. Stop by and take a look at my posts at Sissy Cockmilker on Tumblr. Just be careful, you might wear the skin off of your clitty with all the sexy stroke material ; )