Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 Reasons to date a Sissy

1. Your real girl friend or wife spends most of her time wearing pants, sneakers
(or flats), a tee shirt and a scowl. Your sissy girlfriend wears high heels,
pretty dresses or skirts and sometimes nothing but a bra and a smile!!
2. Sexy lingerie. Your sissy girl friend will love to model sexy lingerie for
3. Your sissy girl friend does not think giving you a bj is demeaning or
degrading. She will be proud to kneel in front of you and yes - she SWALLOWS!
4. Your real girlfriend probably thinks anal sex is painful and nasty. Your
sissy girlfriend will actually BEG for it and moan with pleasure as you shoot
your load into her. Always ready to have anal sex.
5. Costumes? Your real girlfriend probably calls you a sick pervert if you want her
to dress up like a hooker, schoolgirl, playboy bunny or French maid. Your sissy
girl friend will enthusiastically submit to your desires!
6. Your real girlfriend probably thinks you watch too much sports. Not your
sissy g/f though. She will make snacks, serve drinks and give you a nice,
relaxing bj during halftime or the 7th inning stretch.
7. Your sissy girl friend will never get pregnant and take you to the child
support cleaners.
8. Your sissy girlfriend will not nag. Her favorite expression is "yes, sir."
9. Is your place a little disorganized? Your real girlfriend probably calls you
a slob. Your sissy girlfriend will be delighted to come over and clean it up and
she will wear a cute outfit doing it.
10. Your sissy girlfriend loves to cook, do laundry, run errands and take care
of YOU! And if you have friends that wish to share , she willingly let you pass her around.


Sissy Slut Heather said...

SO TRUE! I am a sissy!

Sissy Slut Heather said...

SO TRUE! I am a sissy!

sissycrissi said...

All so true! Sissies rock! and suck . . .

junior said...

I can't argue with any of that.

Josie T-girl said...

Luv it! You have captured many of us to a 'T'! Thanks Lizbeth.

nicolette pennysworth said...

YES! YES! and more YES! i agree with EVERYTHING said here.. soon to be my new mantra... thank You...

SissySlut said...

So So So True! I really do like that kind of lifestyle. It's like the old boy part of me knows what men want and tells the sissy cockwhore part of me, and I get so aroused from it. It's a feedback loop the girlfriends just don't have.

Anonymous said...

Great Top 10... wish David Letterman had the balls to use it on his show.

Lionel Drummond said...

It seems like being a lady is a lost artform that American women have all but buried. They could, and should learn a lot from 'gurls' like yourself.

bubblepopmei said...

I also must agree whole heartedly.

lynzi said...

Oh Lionel Sir, such a fabulous compliment. Thank you.
Each and every sissy instinctively feel this way. Nothing will stop the desire becoming an obsession beyond guilt and embarresment. We are honoured to worship THE COCK

Steve55ma said...

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Anonymous said...

I love this! If only more men realized this!

Oh, and by the way SC, my blog Guys Who Wish They Were Girls gets the most referrals from your blog. So thanks!

KIRCEDES said...

All sissyz need to Re type and post with as Many pictures of themselves being examples for each item.

Get to it!

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