Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5000 Gallons of Cum?

I ran a post about 2 years ago and I realized just now I had made a serious miscalculation.
I realized that with over 2 million hits that you sissy faggots have shot enough gurly spew to fill the below dairy tank (fitting since you all want to be milked).

As I posted yesterday I am seeking donations so I can dedicate more time to this blog.
Since I have done so much to help you Sissy gurls relieve that boi-juice, I would love to see you show me how much you appreciate what I do for you. Keep in mind, the more $ I get, the more I will blog......Show me how much you like stroking to the naughty material I post for you all.

Well, I just want to give you all the rundown on how successful you have all been this past 4+ years. I did some research and the average ejaculation for male (sissy faggot in this case) is about 10cc's. Since it takes about 3785 cc's to make a gallon and I have had over 2,000,000 hits..........and I have no doubt you all jerk off to my blog. My calculations show that you productive little group of cum spilling fags have produced 5160 Gallons of ejaculate.......nice going faggots!

By the way, I did the math with my Daddy and I am working on draining my 12th gallon of semen from his manly, stud balls (yummy!). Also, I always swallow : O


ConTemplate said...

That top video has to be my favorite BJ video of all time. The eye contact ... the little smirk when his cum has been swallowed ...

That's how I like to get it and that's the whay I'd give it, too.

pink/bbc boy said...

5 or 6 big pink headed black cocks should be enough for me !!!!!