Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maximum Cum Extraction

The biggest part of what I love being a full time gurl is that I don't have to think anymore. Sure, I have to think about what to wear or what I am going to make my guy for dinner, but I don't have to fill my pretty head with those silly balance sheets, budget projects or quarterly number. Now that my mind is free of those "manly" thoughts all I have to do now is think of ways to show my man I appreciate him.
How about a sissy blowjob Daddy?

Slurp......Mmmmpphh, MMmmmphh

Yummy for my tummy
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Let me mouth your cock Daddy

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Tonguing Daddy's Cock

Time for a throat fuck?

Can I be your Maximum Cum Extractor
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sissy Ass Fucking

What is still the most Sissy and humiliating act you can perform. Yes, it is the act of getting that boi-pussy lubed and stretched and ready for a big "Daddy-sized" "real-man" cock. Forget the fingers or dildos. All of you wanna-be Sissy Faggots need to learn the pleasure of pleasing a real cock.

Getting ready for a reaming
Ready to stretch that boi-pussy?
YUMMY!-Stretch that brown hole
Yeah Baby!
A Sissy insertion
Sissy ass fuck!
Good girl!
Pleasing Daddy. Bend over and take it like a girl would
Take that load bitch!
Now you are truly a FAG!
What a nice big load, who wants to eat the cream pie?