Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blowjob Queen

I am so very happy to hear from all you gay, effeminate sissy sluts. I can understand what you mean when you say that you used to be perfectly heterosexual. But I'm glad to hear that your inner voice won over, so that you could experience the joys of being on your knees, sucking a manly man's stiff cock with your painted lips while you smell the wonderful scent of cock. And so that you could experience the wonderful sensation of having your mouth filled by a hard, throbbing cock; feeling it work its way back and forth inside you, throat fucking you, making you feel so girlie.

Being a sissy-faggot is such a wonderful treasure. To be a gay, faggot sissy is such a fabulous, oh-so-girlie delight.

Thank your lucky stars that you're an unmanly, effeminate, gay, homo, queer, cock-loving s
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Oh, girlfriends, you are so fortunate to be a totally queer sissies. You never have to worry about getting pussy, because *you are* the pussy! You don't get sucked, you do the sucking!

You are true jizz junkie, and an inspiration to all of us pole smoking sissy faggots! Like me, you're a pansy-faggot cock-jockey. We all adore cock and can't get enough of it.

Enjoy your gettingyour "Daddy candy"from the cream-filled meat-pony, I know I will!

Say ahhh......faggot!

Pole Smoker
Blowjob Queen
Sucking the chrome off of a tailpipe
Knob Gobbler
Dick Drainer
Jizz Junkie
Cum Receptical