Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello Sissies, I just wanted to let you know that I am back and I have added a link to the delicious sissy lingere provider Birchplace. Their assortment of naughty fetishwear has given new life to my relationship with my Daddy.  Let me know what you think of this.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sissy Feminized Faggot Fuck Toy

I knew even as a hairless pubescent boy that I wanted to be a girl. Dressing in my mothers panty girdle with silk stockings a garter and a bra (that I padded with nerf balls). I would put on mascara,lipstick and rouge and then mince around in front of a full length mirror while my hairless cock would be at full tumescence.  I remember vividly that the first time I ejaculated semen I was wearing my mothers pantyhose. That combination of exhilaration, fear, arousal, humilation and excitement have been forever branded into my brain stem.
I would take a cucumber or a banana and lube it with vaseline and see how far I could penetrate my ass. I knew I wanted a cock to fill my hole and it was only a matter of time as far as I was concerned before I would be taking a real cock.
I wanted to be a Sissy Faggot Fetish Gurl
With an emphasis on the Thithy Faggot part
I wanted to be pretty like this gurl.
I so wanted to have a big set of tits hanging down while I was being pumped from behind.
Photos like this made me so hard!
I wanted to be a big titted slut whose clitty shot copious amounts of "Sissy Cream"Being fucked by a big manly Daddy like this-being his little cockmilking "Fuck Toy".
Or thisI would pray that my clitty would be controlled.
That I would be "Forced" to suck cock-anytime, anywhere.
I dreamed of being turned into a "Gurl"
I decided that semen from the source was what would make me more girlish Sissy Faggot.
And the more sperm I drank the more girlish Sissy Cockmilker I would become.Until I would finally consume so much cum that the boy in me would disappear.
The larger the cock, the more of a Sissy Faggot I could be.

I wanted it all, big tits, a swollen clitty and a fat "real man's" cock in my mouth.
I love the Emasculinization of being forced to suck a dick! Don't you?I started craving "Daddy" dick daily and soon I was on a "liquid diet".I want Daddy to fuck me!Fuck me Daddy!Fuck my Sissy Faggot boi-pussy and fill me with your manly cum!